Top 10 WORST Super Bowl Ads of ALL TIME! – Ten Bad Superbowl Commercials Compilation

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The most hilariously terrible Super Bowl commercials ever made, chosen by YouTube’s favorite llama.




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Commercials featured in this video:
#10 Coca-Cola Coke with Refrigerator Perry
#9 Miller Lite Bigfoot
#8 Sierra Mist with Patton Oswalt
#7 Groupon Tibet with Timothy Hutton
#6 Bud Light Upside-Down Clown Puts Beer in His Ass
#5 Bud Light Farting Horse Gives Model Third Degree Burns
#4 Offensive Asian Stereotype Pandas
#3 Jublia Toenail Fungus With Fun Animation For Kids!
#2 Sony Ericsson Android With Thumbs Will Give You Nightmares
#1 Cash4Gold with Ed McMahon & MC Hammer

Huma-Huma – Half Pipe
Silent Partner – Discotek


Darp Barpson says:

when did you quit trying?

Petra Ess says:

fuck tibet

Jimmy Corey says:

6 and 5 were great

Bill Kelly says:

Love you Greg!

Al Patel says:

Your worse upload ever

Hugh Janus says:

The worst? I would say, Meaty Ocher.

Skylar Davison says:

That android one was creepy

Michigan Mister says:

no. 9 was great!!!

Youssef Amoun says:

Why all the dislikes?

KiddsockTV says:

Now I want Fish Curry. with a side of Toe Fungus

jiorts says:

reading comments on here…wtf…i'd rather do meth.

jiorts says:

lamalama ding dong

Arnold Schwarzenigger says:

stick to your mediocre pranks, bro.

MissLilyputt says:

Thank you for these. They're so funny.

Captain Flint says:

who that isnt american what is super bowl? that fake american fotball?

DevilMaskMedia says:

Perry is enjoying diabetes thanks to that Coke commercial.

kevinkelley23 says:

Go broncos

TheEschwank02 says:

the battle of the votes

DOSsector says:

Commercial with Tibet is so wrong

Vargarv says:

so you are not goin to work on your channels and upload this type of material… k

Whale's Vagina says:

evil bever is awesome WTFFF

NeoSquirrel says:

Those sales genie ads were atrocious stereotypes. They also had an animated one with a sales rep in India about to be fired and unable to feed his dozen kids if he didn't get a sale.

ninga nar says:

Haha that Tibetan one

Jason Bell says:

"Do you smell barbequeHOOOOWWW" xD

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