Natural Cannabis Production: Growing Medical Marijuana with Aquaponics

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Aquaponics offers a natural, low-water, low-maintenance way to grow flavorful marijuana in your home, backyard or greenhouse. Learn from an expert about why aquaponics is a great choice for growers of all types.

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Joe Smith says:

LIke Like Like thanks for posting!

Leo R says:

Is there a guide somewhere I could find for a simple single plant setup to start?

Cannabis Aquaponics says:

great video guys, thx.

Christopher Padilla says:

This is so cool mate.

jesse malnar says:

How do you add more P and K for flowering in an aquaponic system. Or does it produce it naturally?

ec sd says:

Fantastic! I thought I was alone in wanting to grow aquaponic cannabis! What do you use for supplemental nutrients? I was thinking of a worm casting tea with some kelp and perhaps some guanos?

Aquaponic Cannabis says:

Hey check out my aquaponic aeroponic grow…I started some in soil too think it's the same basic idea as what u have going on…cool to find out that someone had same idea so I know it works cause this is my first try at it

silverarm32 says:

I love aquaponic medical Marijuana comes out real good

soberkidoncouch says:

Do you have to flush the plant with this method?

Lothel Watson says:

Im interested in speaking to you is that possible?

SavageRecordings says:

Potent Ponics
I friggin love the idea of aquaponics.
My grower friends however are soil based and don't like new things.
I'm going to use this method to show my friends the future of horticulture.

SavageRecordings says:

+Russ Frederick Marijuana plants love a ph balance between 6.0 and 7.0
Note that is slightly acidic, but just under nuetral

Russ Frederick says:

I curious….. what ph do you try for?

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