Medical Marijuana: Defining High Grade

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Medical Marijuana Defining High Grade
Medical Marijuana
Medical Cannabis Defining High Grade

Learn how to distinguish high-grade medical marijuana from lower grade product. Most people who live outside of a medical marijuana state rarely, if ever, see medical marijuana, so understanding the different characteristics, potency and other factors can help nedical marijuana patients find the best option.

Medical Marijuana Defining High Grade
Medical Marijuana
Medical Cannabis Defining High Grade


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Russell Meyer says:

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Aaron Guyton says:

This is Great for those's who can afford it and when it comes to Compassion use Act?

John Balnis says:

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Lux Sana says:

I have to research on vanilla marijuana. But I am unable to find any proper info on it online. Is it the same as Vanilla kush variety? Please help!

Dane Nakasone says:

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beanhead61 says:

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Aaron Bourbonnais says:

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Kushy Kushington says:

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ben tareleton says:

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Kenfuy says:

Always remember there is such a thing as high-grade brown weed, yes it is rare but it does exist and just because weed feels a little sticky/wet doesn't mean it isn't high quality it mostly means it is a high trichome strain like L.S.D or Blue magoo can and will be sticky to the touch if it was cured, dried, and grown properly

yermailmain206 says:

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trendy bromandolorian says:

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Dankster Facebook says:

On Dankster they list all of the medical uses and effects of each strain.  Nuff said.

Sergeant Infantrymen says:

Absolutely outstanding video, except for the ignorant comment that THC ALSO is not medicinal, there is 9-11 different cannabinoids that have DIRECT and or INDIRECT medical effects that varies. THC is one Cannabinoid, as is CBD, understanding how they compound in your body, and what cannabinoids affect what receptors of your body/brain,. Otherwise, GREAT VIDEO.

xion say says:

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jeanious2009 says:

Why should those in certain states can enjoy the medical benefits and high grade cannabis yet the rest of the folks in the 47 states have to either deal with crappy brick weed or expensive hydro.

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Officer Barbrady says:

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Myron Buzzwannanots says:

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fireant65 says:

I smoke sticky icky super fire hydroponic buds! Anyone can say they have the best strain or their strain is more potent but 75% of what matters is how it was grown you can take the most weakest strain of weed and then throw it in a hydroponics system with the perfect PH and PPM of nutrients with C02 and it will turn out to be some straight FIRE! I've seen it done with some seeds that came from some schwag weed but the plant we grew from it came out fire! All I'm sayin is how dank and fire it was grown also has a lot to do with it, not just what strain it is, but how much money you have invested into your grow room and how your skills are at growing is what matters most!!

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