Medical Cannabis Leads to Increased Use In Seniors

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ridetube66 says:

Miller is a lying douche

Chris Riordan says:

Evan Miller getting paid to BS Parents And the Public. Well Mr. Miller you know what the truth is, but is not what you are telling this reporter. when kids get caught they are given two choices. 1- go to prison or 2- go to rehab. I think I can guess which one you would choose if you were in that kid's situation. Cannabis can be emotionally addictive but not physically addictive. stop lying to others and your self.

Thebe Bashaleebee says:

Bullshit … with the guy saying that marijuana these days causes hallucinations.  That is soooooooo not true, unless it is deliberately laced with something else.

David b says:

Bull shit nothing is free ! Seeds cost , clones cost , soil costs , fertilizer costs money so how is that free ? It's not legal you can't get a fucking job ! Without a drug test ! You can be a fucking drunk and get a job that's ok though . I live in California and in my city you can't grow , the laws are fucked up ! 

Riet Spijkerman says:

I would love to try it so I can live without pain.

Carol Francey says:

Boomer's kids will never hear the end of this good news!

Yu Tuber says:

Disgusting that anyone is getting arrested for smoking pot.

Timtim Salabim says:

Puff, puff, pass grandma. Dont bogart that shit

a1seus says:

Green Thumb Sally.

't Polder Cannabis Olie team says:

Cool, if I am that old, I want also in a pot home. But maybe, because I use (smoke, eat, vaporise) for more than 27 years, I don't have to go to a home at all, when I'm old.

maloking says:

cannabis is not a drug its a plant :)

David b says:

It cost nothing ? that statement is so wrong ! it's not cheap ! nothing is free ! not even the air we breath .

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