What makes a high-end phone different from a low-end one?

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PhoneArena presents a video on what makes a high-end phone different from a low-end one.

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Zach Champion says:

What about RAM?

robertlsy says:

Just the brand name. High end phone Ni

Ben Rafter says:

Marketing is what makes high end phones more popular.

ZombysZ says:

better cpu
ram is mostly the rame
better quality screen
faster updates

Jonsar Shabbir says:

Oh no I can't afford a 2015 smartphone.

Ahmed Ragab says:

blackberry priv <3 love my priv <3

CrAckZ says:

Sony Xperia Z5 ❤❤❤

Muhammad Roxan says:

Which games were u playing in this video?

Illuminati confirmed says:

I have a high-low end phone
cheap but high specs

Simon de Bruijn says:

solution:buy a highend smartphone from last year , you get so much more value for the same price you pay for new midrangers

Erlis Velasquez says:

The most notable are the camera and design.

GamerSrijit says:

high end is more hyped. and costs more and bought by people who work in really high places. lol

Darius Flynt says:

Im quite enojoying my J2 as of right now, it does what I need to and gameplay is smooth (of course with a little lag but it is a budget phone). The only thing that sucks is storage and camera but battery life, after a heavy usage day I end up with around 10%

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