Top 5 High-End Phones 2015!

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In this video I will give you my Top 5 high-end phones of 2015. I will tell you why I put it in my list and I’ll tell you a liitle bit about the phones.

The phones I’ll be talking about are the:

– OnePlus One
– iPhone 6/6 Plus
– Samsung Galaxy Note 4
– Nexus 6
– LG GFlex 2

These are the phones that are in my Top 5 best/high-end phones of 2015. Please keep in mind that this is my personal top 5 high-end phones so there might be some points you don’t agree on, also please comment your own top 5 high-end phones because I’m interested to see what you think.
Hope you like the video it!


Best Phones under 100/200 $/€:
Best Phones from 200-400 $/€:


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