Medical Science Proves Abortion Is Killing of Human Beings – Pro-Life Anti-Abortion Video

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Medical Science Proves Abortion Is Killing of Human Beings. Original film from rosaryfilms entitled: “Is This A Human Being?”. Medical Science Supports Pro-Lifers. Images provided by; web site at:
Baby Premier is the Obstetric and Gynaecological division of the Medical Ultrasound company Specialist Medical Imaging Ltd. Their clinics use the latest 4D ultrasound scanners and are based at permanent sites within medical practices. They offer ultrasound in a comfortable environment, with experienced ultrasound professionals (both Obstetric Ultrasonographers and Medical Consultants). Original music from rosaryfilms.


r93 says:

like it or not, everyone starts out the same!! as a fetus. you are only a fetus for a very short time. it takes 2 to create another person!! get fixed!!!

Kaleigh Nasworthy says:

I think there are no exceptions to the wrongness of abortion.  If rape happens, punish the rapist, not the fetus.  It's just a life state of a human being, just like a teenager or a toddler.  Pregnancy is just how it works.

Joanne Larcher says:

Are we not all a bunch of tissues and cells?  Try to agrue that point prokillers/anti lifers.  

Joanne Wozniacki says:

Legal or not, and no matter how it's justified and sugar coated, abortion is the murder of a human being.  At the moment of conception, there's a human being that has the right to life like everyone else.  It's just a an early stage of life.   Embryo, fetus, infant, toddler, teen, adult…all human beings at different stages. How can some people kill it?  I'll never understand it.

stewart Fox says:

Its all part of the sick new world orders policy to reduce the population

Phil Morris says:

Where is the science in this video… Seems like ultra sound images and subjective opinion. Could have been done much better.

Phil Morris says:

+anthemofadam I disagree, contraception prevents the egg from being fertilized while abortion terminates a developing human. It's different. Before fertilization there is no life to end. I get what you're saying but it's not the same. Contraception prevents reproduction generally, while abortion affects a specific life form that has already begun to develop.

anthemofadam says:

It's inconsistent to be pro contraception and anti abortion. Both have the same end result: a baby is not given life

shadowplay says:

Real woman has her baby unless absolutely cant .
Selfish woman aborts and lies to herself

Leilani Kealoha says:

I so agree,

Lily Grace says:

This is absurd and proves nothing, if you did this with a 6 month old he or she would also die. I am done discussing this with you because it seems you have nothing intelligent to say and I have a family to tend to, have a good day.

Lily Grace says:

No she has choices but with all choices come consequences. If one does not want children then steps need to be taken to prevent conception or give the child up for adoption. Inconvenience is not an excuse for murder. If you think I am cruel for being against murder then you are a pretty pathetic person and I feel sorry for you and those close to you.

Lily Grace says:

No women have choices, she can choose to abstain, take birth control or even give the child up for adoption. Where I live there is free access to all of the above heck even getting her tubes tied is free. I am not anti choice and fully support any choice that does not involve murdering another human being.

Lily Grace says:

You can try and lay guilt trips all you like but it won't work, no one is forcing those women you speak of to have an abortion so if they choose to risk their life, that is their choice it still doesn't justify killing an innocent baby.

Lily Grace says:

LOL! No Brazil is not my dream country, I am quite happy in Canada. Yes if someone chooses to break the law they can deal with the consequences no one is forcing her to do anything but with choices come consequences.

Lily Grace says:

I do have many friends that regret voting for him though.

Lily Grace says:

My father was my rapist and I was forced as a child to live with him and endured great trauma do you suggest I should have had the right and government assistance in killing him? No I do not believe killing another human being should be a choice or right for anyone. No anti abortion laws would mostly effect the children who would be granted life instead of ripped apart and tossed out like garbage. I have no idea why why people voted for Obama, I am Canadian.

Leilani Kealoha says:

What you just said it idiotic and how do we know you are alive you look like an UN dead to me,.

BlayzeKiller125 says:

It doesn't take science to know that abortions are killing of humans…

AZ from IL says:

So, by your logic, people completely dependent on welfare are not human? An individual that requires life saving treatment from a doctor is not human because their existence depends on the skill of a practiced doctor? Or, are these individuals simply "technicalities" in your view as well? A crash survivor on temporary life support is temporarily not human? If you are human Meep, you should have a brain; please use it before posting illogical mischaracterizations. You just seem dull.

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