Excel VBA Beginner Tutorial – Fundamentals

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This tutorial goes through some VBA fundamentals such as how to get access to the developer toolbar and how to create a simple macro using the macro recorder.


Rafael Soares says:

Jesus… I can't even believe how freaking easy it is to make a simple macro.

j marcum says:

This does not help with Monday morning oofs. I can't keep my eyes open with a video of this nature. Monotone voices just put me to sleep.

David Bean says:

Very difficult to understand this English…..I am trying to learn VB basic….have no idea what Macros are…which should be the title of the video…

HowlOfMinerva says:

horrible sound, good video

salman Amoodi says:

Thanks. so much.

Joan Marc Comalada says:

Learn to use excel before making tutorials! There's a thing called 'drag down'.

Public access says:

I am glad you substituted your Age Query variables with the case.  Your initial variables had >65 and your case was set as >=65.  I think your program would return an error if you entered 65 as the age in your initial command string since 65 wasn't represented.

Bernard Chu says:

thank you very much

Shane Chambers says:

Conplete waste of my time! I already know how to use macros…I came here for VBA you idiot

Byron Williams says:

ctrl-shift-a is select all, just a heads up…

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