8 Terrifying Robots That Will Eventually Take Over The World

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The robot apocalypse may begin with these Robots.

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Lg Beast says:

They gunna kill us

Niki M-T says:

we are literally going to die the last one is the actual terminator

Alastair Drong says:

FACT: Anyone who has seen Highlander 2 has, by default, seen one too many Highlander movies.

Danielle Proli says:

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks robots will take over the world

Mari-Liis Mihhailov says:

Spots video actually scared ma XD

Samantha Scott says:

any robot unuseful and capible of killing me

NovaPhoenix 107 says:

Well, just make a sexy woman/man robot, put a radio wave sender on it so every robot travels to it's location, Then Blow Them Up 😀 .

Kayla Curtis says:


luis tellez says:

robots are going to take our jobs!

Alex Cattabiani says:

Slow down their Steven hawking

Hakta 25 says:

When you want to defeat the evil robots just ask how much is 0 divided by 0

Isaiahe Warriner says:

I hope I don't accidentally marry one lol

Anne Douge says:

the twins

Ohh PaZax says:

Never trust a synth.

Felix Nava says:

If you think about what if all university places with all different skills of robots they developed what if one day or i bet literaly right now the goverment is working on a top secret project of combining all those skills of each university skilled robot into one

Serenasaurus says:


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