RV Clubs – Which to Join? Passport America, Escapees, FMCA, Good Sam

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Which RV Clubs are worth joining? There are so many.

Passport America, Escapees, Xscapers, Good Sam, KOA, FMCA, Harvest Hosts, Boondockers Welcome, Thousand Trails, Coach Net… which are worth joining now or later? What are their benefits? Which will save you money, provide education about RVing and are right for your style of RV lifestyle?

In this archive of our live video chat broadcast on March 26, 2015 – Chris & Cherie of Technomadia.com go over the major clubs, describe their features and give you some information to make your own decisions.

You can view our chat notes for this video at www.technomadia.com/rvclubs – which provides links to each of the clubs and a quick overview.

We do these chats for fun, not business.. they are our gift. And we do appreciate comments, thanks and even contributions to our wine fund by clicking the ‘Leave a Tip’ button on the bottom of every one of our blog pages at www.technomadia.com (or via Fan Funding on our YouTube channel) Thanks!

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We also post interviews with our fellow nomadic travelers in our Ramblings series, and a monthly travelogue wrap up of our own adventures.


JeSsi Gee says:

Great Info!

Steven Saint Martin says:

The first Great Escapes RV park I went to I AZ was a dive but the price was right

Robert W says:

One of your videos had a recommendation for agents for full-time rv insurance. I though it was this one. Who are they. I think it was a list of 3 or 4. Thx

Ronald Saumure says:

For phone and internet AT&T is partnered with Rogers Telecom in Canada.

Ronald Saumure says:

For RV clubs in Canada http://www.explorer-rvclub.com and also in french there is the http://www.fqcc.ca. AAA is good in Canada (we call it CAA) and also Good sam road side assistance. PA and KOA is also good.

Benny Smith says:

We are preparing to hit the road in Jan 2016. In prep for the adventure ahead, USA here we come, we have viewed hundreds of hours. Some like this on on clubs, cost to RV, Old vs New multiple times, I am viewing this video for at least the fifth time and getting more from it yet again. Sharon and I want to thank you for this gift of your time and sharing your knowledge about something we desire to become a part of. Benny and Sharon

Mitch Roberts says:

Thanks You guys ROCK!!!

3Denviaje says:

Thank you so much for all the good information. My husband and I are looking forward to finding a good vehicle to travel in. This is new to us and watching your videos will help us get started. We will continue to watch and hopefully will find the perfect RV or whatever to start our new venture. Good luck to you and thanks again for such valuable information.

ceajaegirl says:

Thanks again for sharing so much helpful information. You're on my "to donate to" list!

Minty Miller says:

Only 5+ months late watching this, but surely better late than never, very informative, and super helpful! Thank You, Chris, & Cherie~

Boondockabillies says:

Really good shoo! We would like to watch you folks live soon. :)

Tim Ericksom says:

good sams is the largest lobby for laws and ordinances against rv parking anywhere outside a rv park

Bat Man says:

What is there for apps for camping?

Steven Tisdale says:

Just wanted to say THANKS for all the hard work and wonderful updates that you guys do. I have become a very big fan ! Question about the FMCA membership. A few years ago, I surprised the family with an RV rental for a week, to see if they might like this lifestyle. We had the best time, and my son didn't sleep for almost 3 days- he was so excited.
 I am currently looking to purchase a Class A motor home for the family– shh- it is a surprise for them, while watching this video, I was wondering, can I buy into FMCA before I purchase the MH, or do I have to wait until I get one?
Other questions for the rest of the group. I currently work outside of the US. Actually Saudi Arabia. If I get the FMCA membership, does the FMCAssist cover non-RV related jobs- just in case something happens to me while I am another part of the world? I have sent emails to FMCA, but haven't gotten a response from them in over a week.

Thanks again, and if you guys are ever in the North Texas area, please let me know, If I am in-town, we have a wonderful secluded area just north of the DFW area- no hookups tho. We also have a wood-burning pizza oven that I brought back from Napoli in my backyard. Always ready for you two.

J. AuH20 says:

Hi I love your channel. I am seriously considering this lifestyle for my retirement and the was a extremely informative video. I would love to meet you guys on the road somewhere. thanks again

shelleyfunny19 says:

Have u done a discussion on either of these? what have u/ur subsxoeriences been with them? thanks

shelleyfunny19 says:

u two are fabulous. thank u for ur always generous share of priceless info. luv u both!

Moe Jaime says:

Hi guys ! just joined your channel . I am disabled but I want to live in an RV some day . Hopefully I can save some money so I can live full time and see the country . your channel has so much good information thank you so much !!

kishanabear says:

great info as I contemplate rv life!!! thank you.

Linda Hoberg says:

I really enjoy your broadcasts.  Very comfortable and informative.  I feel like we are friends and hope one day to run across you 'out there'……:)  
Keep up the good work :)

Lance Soto says:

Great info! Thank you

Dean May says:

Hi Cherie & Chris,

Wonderful video. I have been researching RVs and the lifestyle for several months now. I have subscribed to your channel and watched many of your videos. You do an outstanding job. Love the monthly chats as well as the Rambling videos as well. Keep up the hard work and thanks for all you do!!!

Take care,


Keith Bryant says:

Dude, look into the camera and not the video screen. Now, having said that, I really enjoy the perspective y'all provide. 

Qchair's Traveler says:

By far your best video as far as smooth dissemination of information and concise, well presented information.  Great informational chat that I was able to watch and learn from due to archiving.  Thanks for doing this subject and hope you have safe travels.


don't you have to have vaccination records for pets to cross the border for prooff of healthy animals and have to show you are not crossing countries with produce or meats not in cans?

Doris Shanks says:

The RV club for military rvers is SMART

divetraveltrain says:

This has been very interesting… I am not sure which club to join as I am completely a novice.  I did hear what you said about Passport America.  I like the KOA, as we have one of the campgrounds located in our town… yes, I live in the sticks.  I am also interested in boondocking… I loved the mention of "things to have when it goes wrong." I will be getting some road-side-help.  Cheers

Pauls PEACE says:

thank yall so much for your videos i am retired Army and I hope to f/t someday. I do have one question for yall. In my travels I would like to camp at horse ranches and stables to volunteer for them maybe in exchange for a free campsite… Would yall have any leads or referral for me.  Than yall!

acajudi100 says:


Thomas Katayama says:

Thanks, Cherie & Chris, that was very educational.  I'm currently a Good Sam's member, but I'll be joining Passport America as a result of your video.  As for Thousand Trails, I'm not sure at this point.  I think you've provided good advice about visiting some of their locations.  I know that some of their locations have terrible cell reception.  Since I need internet connection for my job, that's crucial for me.  I've been wondering if you plan your stays around being able to have internet connection?

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