New Trump and Cruz Attack Ads Target Each Other’s Records

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With the Iowa caucuses just around the corner, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have released scathing new attack ads aimed at each other.


lapamful says:

Katarina Pearson: Malcolm X Is ‘My Idol,’ Republicans Are Racist. Christians can't handle the truth.

So Trump the conservative has a conservative spokeswoman. Sounds legit.

Darnell Owebs says:

she good

hiraldo mcgoo says:

maybe trump will shoot some of his supporters ,.lol

SnakeBerry MAGA says:


Batman8657 says:

Hurricane Katrina remains unstumped

She's going to be the GOAT WH press secretary

Star Lord says:

if ya like trump you are dumb as fukkkkk

Tony Cheese says:


anonynomnomnom says:

Rick "Stooped Shoulders" Tyler gets obliterated by Katrina "Take No Prisoners" Pierson.

ditisnietpablo says:

I like Katrina but she looks a bit soulless or tired when she stares like that.

Bonnie D says:

Cruz campaign is grasping on straws. ugh.

Rene Riquelme says:

We needed that parking spot! Trump 2016

pierre gutierrez says:

she kills it every time!!! TRUMP 2016

Steve Argy says:


K Col says:

she is good. I give her that

Jose Cuban4Life says:

MARK Levin Yesterday accurately described the Trump's Movement as NATIONALIST. There are a lot of card Holder members of Nationalists group pushing for Trump in an organized fashion.The conservative website Breitbart has been taken over by the NATIONALISTS. And they are organized. These are organized efforts to push for Trump.THIS IS INSANE!!!

Bea Baelyn says:

go trump

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