Graphic Design Tutorial: Typography and Design

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In this video, I talk about the interplay of design and typography, and a few ways to think about how they work together. Intermediate to advanced.

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Hassan M says:

do u have to do all of it about ladies my mum walked in and thought i was doing something else

Sm Zeeshan Zaffar says:

What is the name of the handwritten font at 14:40 ? Please link me if possible.

james larkin says:

when do and don't you use Caps, i studied typographic design in the 90's and i love to use lower case text, but iv forgotten when i can get away with using only lower case text

for example
for a title on a page that isn't part of a sentence, im sure my tutor said that you can keep it all lower case if you don't use a full stop.

so my question when do you use lower case text ?

Digital Swagg says:

Informative, educational & very thorough! Thank You Mr. Barry.

Jennifer Zhang says:

thank you for sharing some of the ingenious ideas!

Avinash Baghel says:

Excellent tutorial

JoyPetShop says:

what is the font at 9:04?

Yhany Pajaron says:

HI! how to downlaod this software? I really need it.. 

Mona Liao says:

Shawn, what's the font called at the beginning?

lautaro ronda says:

which is the typography you use in the beginning?

NWB trending says:

Thank you for this video, this helps!

MichaelRusPro says:

Hey, what's the font called at 11:00

Christy Brown says:

I found myself agreeing with you 99.9% of the time. great video!!

rapnex olms says:

Sub earned Sir!, Really great and informative stuff

GoBIGclan says:

lol he sounds just like Travis Haley

Ishe Keil says:

Thanks to this video =D, im a freshmen at graphic designing and im looking for extra knowledge =D then i saw this.. Thanks ^_^.

Vukašin Kalezić says:

Thanks for the video, whats the font ?

glabutis37 says:

great teaching, thank you

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