Best Graphic Design Software 2014

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If you want to become a graphic designer and don’t know what software and applications you need for different aspects of graphic design this video will help you understand what you really need and give you some different options for graphic design software.

Best Software for Graphic Designers:

Best Software for Photo Manipulation and Editing:
Photoshop, Lightroom, Xara, Corel Painter, Corel Photo Editor, Pixelator, Aperture.

Best Software for Logo Design and Vector Illustration:
Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, InkScape, SVG Edit.

Best Software for Print Design and Production:
InDesign, Quark Xpress, Scibus.

Best Software for Web Design:
Notepad ++, Dreamweaver, Muse

Best Software for Motion Graphics:
Photoshop, Edge Animate, After Effects, Flash, Premiere Pro, Apple Motion.

Best Software for Video Editing:
Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid, Sony Vegas.

Amazon Links
Corel Painter 2015
Xara Photo and Graphic Designer
Corel Draw Graphics Suite
Adobe Lightroom 5
Quark Xpress 10

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James Right says:

what is the best programs for paint and drawing software for using a 2 in 1 laptop please I been searching and have no leads please help

Marketa Thomas says:

I'm interesting in looking for something for beginners because I want to start designing my own business promo flyers & creating a logo for my hair business. Whats a good software to use?

Nathan Stienbarger says:

Love the videos but your desktop backgrounds are just slayer #AOT #SAO but seriously thanks for the videos they are very enlightening for this beginner graphic design student

Joseph Aikins says:

how can you make a picture convert into a painted look.

infiniteandroid says:

Thank you for the information……just started doing animation and Flipaclip was a great learning tool …now i could use some bells and whistles.

Trick line says:

Starting up a design studio Roberto and i too have learned things from you pls do give some suggestion on things to do and not to do

Russell Grier says:

why do this kid makes me so happy everytime i watch his videos LMAOO

Brandon regula says:

Hey I'm getting into doing custom designs for game consoles. What program do you suggest i use?

Green says:

FireAlpaca is another free one :)

Marc A says:

hey what type of software is best for app design templates and stuff like that?

Worlds Sexiest says:

Hi Roberto! Thanks so much for the awesome videos! Question for ya; I am looking to purchase a pc program for my 10 yr old for Chrstimas. He wants to get into design / CGI / illustration. He is a pro at building in Minecraft and excels at similar games, but we want to expand upon his skill-set. He's a very quick learner. What program(s) would you suggest? Thanks in advance!!

Mary Ann says:

Hi Roberto. I have a gift certificate for $100 at Microsoft, and I would like to buy a software that I can learn how to use to create books with graphics and publish. Is that called desktop publishing? (I am a masters student in psychology. : ) What is a software that I can use for this purpose that's produced by MS?

J Que says:

Cool vid. Hey what type of software is best for fashion design/clothhing in general?

Andy Yerby says:

What would you use for music, like album artwork, shirts, posters, etc.?

AJ Makeings (AJM) says:

Now i just recently have found your Youtube and it has been very very helpful for understanding on how to be a GD, im in High school and i plan on doing graphic design and video game design in the future, Your videos are very helpful. Thank you.

Mark Graham says:

What about the Serif line of products: Drawplus, Pageplus, Photoplus etc?!

Jana Sali says:

Coreldraw or adobe illustrator? Want to get my daughter a gift,

The One says:

What are your thoughts on Autodesk Sketchbook: Pro?

kairinaminemix says:

man! I hate adobe products now! you have to pay monthly instead of owning the whole program :(

Jonathan Mendoza says:

what apps are good if i wanna start a clothing brand ?

Naimat Ullah says:

Looking for Professional / Corporate / Custom / Modern / Abstract / Creative / Web / Unique & High Quality Logo?
I'm the Best person!

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