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In this tutorial we will learn to create a minimalist graphic design having flat long shadow effect using Photoshop CC version


joe1rooney1 says:

Beautiful work man! I'm 13 and aspire to be a graphic designer. Got any tips?

Tf2pd says:

Did anyone else laugh?

Brian Faminialagao says:

Amazing work there, Arun! BTW, what's the name of the background music used here? Thank you!

Sachin Divakar says:

Bro you are gifted and you have wonderful artisitc sense

Fatima A Soufi says:

what is the name program?

Najlae N says:

thanks a lot… very nice job and…. helpful tuto.

sanjay kumar says:

awesome rahul…….can you help me to design a banner for school advertisement

Kateryna Bilyk says:

nice work!

Juan. D Suarez says:

genial :)

Design by Numbers says:

If you're looking to learn Photoshop this is super helpful : ) But for any beginner designers watching, try not to get too wrapped up in what he's doing in Photoshop.

Photoshop is not design.

If you were to memorize everything Arun does in this video you would understand some nice styles and techniques. But that's not what graphic design is about. Design is a collection of concepts that when used together communicates a message. Whereas Photoshop is a tool that helps you create those messages.

Someone who knows just Photoshop is a production artist. It's a perfectly fine career but it pays less and isn't as creative as a career in design. You can get competent in Photoshop with a couple months of practice. But getting good at design is tedious and takes longer.

Btw if anyone is interested I write a lot about this stuff. My profile has more info.

shiva deva says:

good good

Томат Укропович says:

Brilliant! Can you tell me what the music was playing?

Sanzzies says:

Salut, peut tu me dire comment tu fais pour selection comme tu a fais a 4:18 stp :)

Aleksandr Lunatic says:

Hey, download is not working! Nice video

dev das says:

.. Download PSD  not work

Adel A says:

thank you very good

powerpiginc says:

The PSD download is for the wrong file now, its for a Hexagonal graphic design tutorial

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