New for Graphic Design – Adobe MAX 2015 – Create with Impact

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See our newest tools for designers across our most popular design apps — Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. These new features provide incredible performance and productivity. We announce full touch support for Windows on our core creative desktop apps.


ventende says:

I think it sucks to be working on a constant beta version of every software application Adobe makes. The CC scheme never made it for me. Tired of instability issues and everything else that comes with tools that are actually "under construction" all the time. I went back to my hardcopy of CS6 Master Edition.

zyekil says:

which tablet is he using?

Bill Singleton says:

Loving the look of Fuse (no more switching back and forth to Poser!), but can you use the resulting model with Character Animator as well? That would be amazing.

jmalmsten says:

wait wait wait…. what have actually been done in photoshop? They just skipped it? Completely Touch-enabled? what does this even mean? is this an iminent update or a few months away? so many questions….

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