Inside the Studio: Design a Secret Society Bandana with Jon Contino

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With clients ranging from Nike to Kiehl’s to Sports Illustrated, graphic designer and Skillshare teacher Jon Contino is never at a shortage for work on his plate. In this free 16 minute short film get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the original creative process that allows him to efficiently knock out projects and achieve his signature hand-drawn style.

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hiblairehere says:

Thanks! Really helpfull and inspiring!

LalyG Adrede says:

You gave a lot of ideas of how to work easier and faster !

seklerek says:

Awesome video, thanks a ton!

zunair Ali says:

Hey nice tips & thanks for sharing… I am using coreldraw for all my vector graphics designs should i have to learn illustrator too cause i have pretty much grip on CorelDraw…I don,t know designing software to stick with & which is better…

Perth Website Designer says:

The only way you can have an established online identity is by having your very own website. Therefore, you invest and hire web developers and graphic designers for the job. However, a creative web design is not always a big factor in your online identity.

Tim Pratt says:

there a 2 things you did in illy that i've got know how to do……

first the settings in livetrace? i can't for the life of me get a great trace like that.

second, when working with the squares on top of the banner (you called them hooks, where they hang from the horizontal pole) how did you select those objects and they automatically spaced themselves apart?

HR Tupnstuf says:

would love to know his ink bleed image trace settings :)

Paxton Tang says:

This just inspired me to get back into design and get into graphic design school

Paul Charters says:

He uses Field Notes by Aaron Draplin, lol.


As soon as possible

c4binfever says:

sick video! Love your workspace Jon

SuhhMyDik says:

Great vid. Anyone ever mention that your accent sounds more like a New England accent than a New York one? It kind of switches back and forth lol. Queens Native here.

Deynielle Mauricio says:

This is so awesomeyo barely said what I needed to hear from a designer! great work!

Dan Toth says:

Great process vid! Jon seems like a good dude!

Siotis says:

holy shit it's Mascherano!

Martin Fonck says:

Great video, thanks for sharing!!

Ernest Stelly says:

jake gyllenhaal lil brother looking ass nigguh lol…good video

Ricky Compton says:

Has anyone ever asked you about the funky way you hold your pencil? It's quite an odd grip….
Love the video!

Ashish Gaikwad says:

Superb! Really a hard working guy….

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