ASMR Math: Division by Zero, Why We Can’t Travel at the Speed of Light, Einstein’s Relativity

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***Einstein’s Papers***


“Concerning an Heuristic Point of View Toward the Emission and Transformation of Light” (March 1905)


“On the Movement of Small Particles Suspended in Stationary Liquids Required by the Molecular-Kinetic Theory of Heat” (1905)

“On the Influence of Gravitation on the Propagation of Light” (1911)

“The Field Equations of Gravitation” (November 1915)

“The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein”

“The principle of relativity; original papers”



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LongForeignMan says:

This doesn't trigger me, but I love the concept! Such a broad range of interests and preferences in the ASMR community. Well done :-)

TechDude351 says:

well you can blame Disney for Einstein's works not entering the public domain. it used to be about 60 years after creation for works to enter public domain, but when it was almost time for mickey mouse to enter the PD Disney started lobbying to have the time extended and they've been doing it since

Matthew says:

Heard of Bob Lazar chycho?

Francesca Crema says:

Just discovered your channel. It's all truly fantastic work. I am currently studying GR for my own personal pleasure and this video could not be more perfect, thank you so much for making it! 😀 (Oh, and by the way, are you a fellow Vancouverite?)

scientist7 says:

The postulate that c is the same in every inertial reference frame has always seemed mysterious to me. It's demonstrated by experiment, but nonetheless difficult to wrap my head around.

Radivoj Radivojevic says:

Light does not travel, it change pattern. Time is omnidierctional, not one directional. Particles don't exist. Superluminal travel is easy. Einstein is quack.

FlameKing says:

Hello Professor chycho 🙂 , i really enjoy your channel because it's very relaxing and also fun to watch and listen to cool things i haven't seen before. It's not necessary to do these requests, but i would like it if you could do more games like the 10×10 pattern recognition, for example Sudoku / Chess / Crosswords if you're interested or any other activities you enjoy. Also, i enjoyed this video and found it interesting so maybe a video in the future on stuff like gravity or infinity. Keep up the good work!

unigrubs says:

I feel smart.

Thomas Neumann says:

I love your videos, especially math & comic books, relax me totally….you're a nice person!

Jeremy McKinney says:

I despised math in school. Straight C's the whole time. I had ONE good math teacher and I flourished during his short tenure as a substitute teacher. It's nice to find someone so passionate. Thank you for sharing the wealth with the YouTube community.

Albinomalen says:

I would love to see some more comicbook Reading videos

Im not your daddy says:

who needs school when we have chycho lol :)

Yumcupkake says:

your voice is so nice! very soothing. I might not completely understand, but it sounds great.

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