An Advertisement On Racism

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Want the secret to clear, vibrant skin?
A controversial United Nations advertisement addressing racism.

Disclaimer: OhayoTokyo does not own this advertisement. All credits should go to their respective owners.


Alice Tea says:

I get the message, but it was very poorly portrayed.

Youngyellowchild says:

So since I have acne in racist? I'm a hardcore feminist!

TheLittleDinoAinsley says:

YASS I love this commercial cause it so true

Cloward Piven says:

Caucasophobic agit-prop…from a society where whites are being raped or killed in the streets by nonwhites all day, every day. Repugnant.


The music got so fucked near the end…

Deutschland402 says:


ThatOne says:

I don't see how this would stop racism, but I like the concept.

Wandia Edwards says:


Warsteiner Deutschland says:

The dumb people in the comment section who can't really figure out the message of the video are the same dumb libtards that are helping destroy the White race.

Riley Lucker says:

I guess what the video is trying to say is the acne is based on your personality and the cream is the racist stuff you do/say.

MalaTemporaCurrunt says:

yes people, let us all love each other regardless

Ashani Robinson says:

i rate this vide

tyrell louis says:

ok wow that a grate way to show kids what the right thing yo do is

Tony Sinopoli says:

All of you missed the point…. Only white people are racists, GET IT!?!

StavroJones says:

Stupid advert. Racist that they chose a white woman also. If a black woman was chosen for the part all hell would break loose.

CrazyMunky84 says:

Dumbest ad ever!

Sasha Wagner says:

Soon everyone will be so mixed nobody will really care about races.

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