Washing Your Hair in Space – Astronaut Tips | ISS Space Science HD Video

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Visit my website at http://www.junglejoel.com – astronaut Karen Nyberg shows how she washes her hair aboard the International Space Station. Please rate and comment, thanks!


Stephanie Merritt says:

must be so much easier and faster washing you hair

Kaden Bensen says:

How do you wash your clothes

Mimi QT says:

She should start a beauty channel :DD

RikXtreme4 says:

Shes a super sand legend

Knight Six says:

I understand the concession to esthetics and personal esteem…but; it would seem to be more practical to cut one's hair short for the mission; eliminating the need for such toiletries while saving space and weight in the process.  I don't personally see space duty and exploration as a beauty scenario for either gender.  Just my opinion.

Quip Sanz says:

Why would you even bother having hair in space?

Neodinni says:

johnny bravo

Joe Siano says:

this must be how the weeknd does his hair

Jason Lee KY says:

Is that Whis? In space?

Georgette Shugart says:


Tamari Robinson says:

can you plow a bubble in space :-o

Robert Sandifer says:

I wonder how would ice bucket challenge look in space

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