Planet 9 in outer space: Scientists discover new celestial body on outskirts of solar system

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New evidence collected by astronomers and scientists out of the California Institute of Technology shows a possible “giant, icy planet” on the outskirts of our solar system, calling it ‘Planet 9.’ RT’s Manila Chan outlines how the new rock could replace Pluto.

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Dylan Ward says:

new horizen will see it

Cameron Kerr-Bocher says:

The scientific community has known for a generation that there is something of high gravitational effect out there. Seeing the planets react to this body is nothing new.
The problem is seeing it indicating to me, it has high gravitation but less mass. It effects other planets but we just can't see it. Sounds like a small brown dwarf, perhaps a companion to our sol.

Jonathan Turner says:


rocket9244 says:

dumb women.. Very dumb

Muhan C.A. says:

Calling this new planet Planet IX is an euphemism.

Pluto was degraded to avoid calling the new planet as Planet X.

evlis lives on says:

if we could only travel the speed of light …

ACWDjack says:

'That's no planet'…

Richard Wofford says:

Main Stream media, always sliding the propaganda down the throats of the masses. Garbage.

John Hunt says:

well its been talked about for years 9th planet …looks like there were right

Rezzy Rez says:

It's probably Namek.

TsarSamuil says:

Space smurfs!

Fake_T.A Directioner says:

You mean the 10th planet you filthy Pluto haters. .

Richard Meutstege says:

I cringe at how the correspondent is speaking about "no evidence". Mathematical inference from data constitutes as some evidence. How accurate the explanation of the data is, remains to be seen. There could be an alternative hypothesis though. The one about an ejected core seems rather unlikely and sensational.

Potomacstud says:

they invent things so they they will received fundings to keep doing their imaginary work, its some ruse so to hang on and keep their jobs

Potomacstud says:

Pluto will stay official until this so called planet is verified thru the telescope or with our naked eyes

DS AHK says:

still finding planets across the street…yet, they seem to know how the universe was created lol

phil gonzalez says:

Don't talk. Just be Fine, white girl….

Nalini Jensen says:

News quote: "Computer simulations show that the mystery planet, if it exists, would orbit more than 50 times farther from the sun than Earth" Notice the phrase 'if it exists', this is just a computer simulation of an imaginary planet.
"So far, the planet has not been observed directly." means nobody has ever seen it.
Pluto is the ninth planet.

Chase Peralta says:

It's ok, it's just Kylo Ren coming back to to punish us for making fun of his temper tantrums, and now being the next Disney princess

Haythem ben ismail says:

Ok Ok than the mother fucker :)

CyberCanadian says:

The Nibiru people were right lol.


No hard evidence. lol. So why the hell you talking about it. Preparing the doomsday scenarios. Hmmm

Jorge Reyes says:

omg nibiru wow

Juliano Sott says:

What? A new Sailor Scout? Sailor Nibiru, Sailor X or, the best of all, Sailor Nemesis?

tedskam says:

ok.   So people have been saying, "theres another planet heading our way and its called (X) !!" ……AAAAaaaaand everybody called THEM, crazy .     Now, NASA says, Hey, even though we gave you details and pictures  about planets and systems so far away, that their DISTANCE was unfathomable……….we kinda maybe found another planet IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM….(but its really really far away)……..     And STILL there are the usual idiots, calling CRAZY,  those saying "NIBURU JUST LIKE WE SAID"!!!!!Holy frickin moly.  Here it IS, and STILL we have the braindead sheep, calling people "CRAZY!!!"   (its actually WORSE than I thought it was, and that's saying something…..)

mo wizz says:

NASA points to the possibility of a new Planet 9 in our solar system beyond Pluto. Muslims scholars are now frantically thumbing through the pages of the quran hoping to find a verse they can use to claim the planet was mentioned in quran after all, and is just another example of the qurans great store of scientific knowledge.
Just hope they dont say Planet 9 sinks into a pool of muddy water on earth every 20,000 years, now that would be a scientific miracle.

neil says:

the truth is out there !

Kermit Frog (Kerm) says:

its a giant dick.

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