Marine Biology as a Career

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42dragonfire says:

I just graduated high school and I think I want to become a Marine Biologist. I love Biology and Ecology, I'm great with English and computers. I could talk to a crowd for hours. My biggest fear is math. Im ok at math im just not a 85 student when it comes to math and this fears me when trying to become an engineer or a biologist and I don't know if I could do it. I need some advice please.

sasaelmorsy007 says:

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haileyolivia moore says:

i want to be a M.B c: as was said.. i love being in the ocean . i love to study the things that live in the ocean .. as well as the plants its just amazing to me .. c:

Natalie Gordillo says:

I want to become a marine Biologist, but I don't know where to start. Please email me if you have any ideas. thank you so much!

wingedwolf56176 says:

Im going into marine biology because Ive always been fascinated by the ocean even when I was little

Sundance Vacations says:

Marine biology is a great career that takes a lot of patience and concentration. I'd imagine it to be peaceful too

Richard Incandela Matthew Finan says:

@xnxmusic it takes 4 years at a university, usally it helps to have a phd when applying for the job

Lupe's Music says:

I'm Very Exited To Go To College Next Year, And I Am Hopefully Going To Study Zoology And Marin Bio, And As Well With The Requirment Courses. But Does Anyone Know How Long Will It Take To Actually Major In So To Be A Marin Biologist?

Ebola Virus says:

@ericsyutubeaccount Holy cow me too

oooohla123 says:

what do people think about marine biology at uts?

oooohla123 says:

@sweetncali66 thats my problem. fricken maths.

oooohla123 says:

oh wow… i'm actually applying for marine biology at uts. i'm glad i found this video 🙂

sweetncali66 says:

I love scuba diving and love the ocean, this is a no brainer- I hate math though :/ And it is taking forever for me to get through the math classes for my transfer units… Lower level Colleges are removing the Marine Biology class, which is so sad 🙁 It will be the life of me to find it before transferring to a UC –

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