CSGO ROBOTS (Counter Strike Global Offensive – Episode Two)

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Josiah Clark says:

Tell nanners to not crouch peak :P

BlitzzHunter says:

A auto shotgun is not full auto… Nice xD

Zion Zix says:

It's awesome when you and Sark come together again 😀 Just missing a bit of Hutch ^^

Nick Dauro says:

0:41 Adam u killed urself XD

ProfessorAce says:

You can hold down the autoshotty m8

wolf pack (wolfx01) says:

I love you but dude I love to watch you struggle

Mitchell Driessen says:

+Seannaners Gaming Channel i rly enjoy ur vids man i love it that your playing csgo <3(no homo) if ur getting better it with sark maybe u guys can go competitive

A-Meds Games says:

3:34 finish me off in the closet! XD

Icelick says:

1:44 96 in 6 hits /:

Icelick says:

yessss ;D

Hylighter says:

OMG Nanners I was In that arms race with you! The first one, I was in that lobby with you later!

Autonomous says:

"Just remember whenever you're feeling bad about yourself, just remember Ole' Lobstercock." -Sark 2016

Wolfman B. says:

3:09 "Heloo?"
shot in face

sebtank says:

My LEM eyes burned to watching SeaNanners play ;-; (at the begging anyway)

vL Assault | Motion Design says:

Learn the spray patterns @D

Всеволод Рычков says:

I bet everyone will fill comment section with pieces of advice so I won't add to it.
It's good to see your progress, you're doing fine.

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