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By Howard Nema

Dr. Mark Geier exposes the FLU VACCINE FRAUD. He is not anti-vaccines, but he is anti-flu shots. His reasoning is accurate and reveals the obvious collusion between drug companies, the FDA and CDC. Dr. Geier is an MD and has a PhD in genetics and spent 10 years working at the National Institute of Health. He was a genetics professor at John Hopkins University and is also the author of over 150 peer-reviewed publications.

Dr. Geier worked on vaccine safety and efficacy for more than 30 years and was one of only four scientists that worked to replace the DTP vaccine that caused every child to become sick with a high fever at the time of vaccination. The revised DTAP vaccine, which is a more purified vaccine minus many of the dangerous adjuvuncts and now causes illness due to fever in only 3% of those vaccinated. Still, I would suggest we all stay clear of vaccines that weaken the immune system and have thimerisol, formaldehyde and other neurotoxins that cause disease.

In fact, Dr. Geier explains the flu shot causes Guillain-Barré Syndrome, and it is not effective in preventing the flu. So why take it? Because Big Pharma wants to make $$$$. Geier also explains that the CDC does not follow the law for vaccines in requiring long-term safety testing for flu shots like they do with other vaccines. After all, it is impossible to test a vaccine that changes every year. So the flu vaccine is reality an experimental vaccine that they want to give out to 300 million people every year to make the $$$$.

In addition, there are no studies showing the safety of giving the flu vaccine to the same person every year, but the Big Pharma propanganda jab campaign is already in full swing. You cannot drive by a pharmacy in the country, either a chain or small drug store that doesn’t have signs EVERYWHERE pushing for not only flu shots, but shingles shots, Gardasil— you name it. All without waiting!

Dr. Geier points out that the CDC is in the business of distributing flu vaccines, because they represent 300 million doses per year, whereas all the childhood vaccines together only number 20 million. Profit motive.

After all, the head honchos at the CDC all work in the revolving door system, moving from Big Pharma companies back and forth into the CDC and FDA to keep the fraud going. This is big business that has very little interest in keeping Americans safe, but who are very interested in getting thier poisons sold.

Now with Obamacare, not only can poor folk get a free cell phone, there is easier access to get vaccines, for all, for FREE. This is also being advertised right outside your local Walgreens.

One must ask why Big Pharma cannot be sued and there are limitations to liability set up by the corrupt Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund. This collusion between Big Pharma and Our government is indeed a conflict of interest and against the general welfare of the American People. It is in essence, treason.

Dr. Geier explains that the flu is “the wrong thing to vaccinate against” because you have to keep re-vaccinating against it every year, unlike childhood infectious diseases, such as smallpox, that are only vaccinated for once.

However, many childhood vaccines have multiple doses, like the MMR, which has been proven to cause autism and threatens the medical mafia’s cash cow. The Drug Trust spends billions to convince Americans that vaccines are safe and effective, but research and statistical data prove otherwise.

A study in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) provides data on deaths from infectious diseases over the last century.

When this data is compared with the introduction of children’s vaccination programs we see that most vaccines for children have had little to no effect, and some may even be harmful.

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peachees says:

Safe vaccines should not be "injected" into your blood. We get natural immunity from our nose and mucous membranes. If u bypass the skin layer YOU ALWAYS RISK AUTOIMMUNE DISORDERS.

Jay Patel says:

This is true

Brian Thompson says:

it's in oils of fast food restaurants not regulated by our gov health organizations it's in supermarkets in canned foods we eat pesticides in vegetables vaccines etc

Brian Thompson says:

because cancer is given by our gov vaccines to control population

PaleHorse Tank says:

Never again, ever.

wettooth says:

Flu kills 600-800 Americans per year? Tobacco kills 450,000, alcohol 150,000, caffeine 10,000 (pills), aspirin about 1000 per year… this is farce!

wettooth says:

Garlic, unlike a vaccine, is harmless, and HAS been shown to support the immune system and to fight disease.

wettooth says:

Eat well, stay calm, sleep well, avoid other toxins, and the flu is just a bad cold. Maybe not for old people, but that's life…

wettooth says:

Was in Hong Kong a few years ago and read a huge 1 year anniversary edition of the South China Morning Post, and the article described how people who used Chinese herbs to fight the SARS virus had the same outcomes as people who took their Tamiflu shot. No fucking way anyone is going to inject a live virus into me and then me I'm saved. Now they want to vaccinate our kids for genital warts! What a massive, fear based scam. Just saw a woman on TV who was mad that her kid, who'd been vaccinated for measles, got the measles from an un-vaccinated kid. How then does a vaccine confer immunity if it didn't protect her kid?

wettooth says:

My doctor asked me to get a flu shot a couple of weeks ago, and I refused. No sense to argue with a true believer. Most doctors get zero education into vaccine risk at med school. They just pump in into us and insist on their god-like superiority in terms of who's more knowledgeable about this subject. I don't trust her any more than I trust Merck. It's a business first, and a highly profitable one.

Todd Nansel says:

Haven't been sick since I've been getting flu shots 4 years ad counting

Spencer Smith says:

all i like from him is that he speaks about the dangers of vaccines. but all vaccines are dangerous and none of them work. so really, he should be anti vaccine. i dont understand how someone so smart and with the views he already has, does not see that all vaccines are completely ineffective and are only dangerous. there are no benefits whatsoever to ever take the vaccines from todays pharmaceutical industry.

Fredlizzy Fredlizzy says:

I think if we don't put a stop the this we as a hole will get so dependent on it wer we won't be able to live without.can you believe this a mother was standing in the cold rain for 30 min waiting on flu shots for her kids with no coats on ????

David Benjamin says:

Well, Improving the vaccine is "improving God" on that note, here's the truth. Vaccines are man-created… Not nature-GOD created. So you're only trying to improve something man-made, man-created which is a synthetic version of GOD/Nature.

You're already limiting yourself.

Nature prevents the flu better than any vaccine. It has been many many years since i've gotten the flu or sick and if I did have something even start to come on (like 4 or so years ago, I dosed up on adoptogenic immune-modulating herbs) and it was gone very quickly.

So, why don't we leave the nature-God stuff in it's own category and work to understand it. How can you improve something you don't even know or understand how to use in it's most basic essence in the first place?

sweety patootie cupcakes says:

I took the flu shot just yesterday and got sick today 🙁 my head hurts really bad, I'm coughing like crazy and getting a runny nose but the weird thing Is that I wasn't even sick yesterday until I got the flu shot!

MrNiceGuy says:

The pharmaceutical companies are just like the jerks who infect my computer with a virus then send me a pop-up with an ad to sell me the cure for just $29.95. That's how I've ALWAYS seen vaccinations and that's why I will NEVER take a vaccination under my own free will. I was pissed at my mom for vaccinating me when a kid but she said the schools required it in California or you couldn't go to school. Yeah, California knows how to fuck their citizens, don't they! I'm sure we were injected with some experimental drugs and many deceases today might be from those vaccines and now they're selling us the cures….. Man we're dumb

swiftyrocks08 says:

I went until 2008 before i stopped taking flu vaccines. And i felt great. Never got a cold for most of that time. But early this year i decided to put my body through an experiment to get the truth first hand. So for the first time since 7 years when they asked me if i wanted a flu shot i said yes. I wanted to feel how my body would respond to it. And let me tell you. I did not feel great at all. I ended up getting sick about a month after i had the shot. And i noticed that i felt alot more tired and less focused. I dont know what is in these vaccines. But what i do know is that my body was telling me it was not good. So i have the best proof i can get. First hand experience. I will not be getting a flu shot ever again. I am currently trying to detox my body so i can get it out of my system sooner than the average year.

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