Let’s Play Software Inc Alpha 7 – Part 1

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A new alpha version of the game is upon us (almost, it’s still in testing). There are some awesome new changes and features, let’s play!

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Mr EEl says:

how do u merge rooms or how do u select 2 rooms?

Univeяsal Pяoductions™ says:

The old "Hard" difficulty is now the new "Medium" difficulty. The developer really did a good job.

kelly moquin says:

James why do You have 2 channels??? lol…I thought I was going CRaZY!! Ya only 21…I thought a lil bit older!! lol Every time I watch You play games than I want too also!!

Fondest Celery says:

There should be a hardware inc

Afonso Assalin says:

I think 85 db is equivalent to a blender

Aidan Scott says:

I'm not sure why, but your voice just puts me to sleep like a baby! Keep up the awesome work man. yawn

RobinFlysHigh says:

It seems like he nerfed speed because everything seemed to be going kind of slow. Especially market(t)ing.

RobinFlysHigh says:

1:52 Introvert? Really? Well you certainly aren't that on your channel. I had to chuckle at that one.

Benjamin Tomassen Nordahl says:

85 Db is ony as loud as busy city traffic while a wasing machine is 75 Db and normal speach is 60 Db

Julianna Hopkins says:

27:57 I like how Flabs is in the ultimate invisible chair position

Bull72 says:

I play this game too …. alpha 7/7.1 … you have 1 suscriber more ^^

(1978: Bell Labs launched a trial of the first commercial cellular network in Chicago using Advanced Mobile Phone System (AMPS))

David Lahusen says:

You know why Image Pro didn't sell? No image viewing feature :/

Shepherd Quek (shepherdqbs) says:

Sims 4 need that wall tool and that long window, like please :(

Luna Elisabet says:

So you can assign multiple teams into one room?

danielroxheaps says:

When I found out this game was made by one person I was like 'Whaaat??? This is better than what most companies can put out!!!'

Timothy Capuano says:

two teams per assignment means that you could have two support teams and each have a 12 hour shift and so you always have support going on! Now all we need is something to out source the support to India!

RandomTVOffcialTV says:

are there cheats for this game? like money cheats ect. ??

My Engqvist says:

Love when you say "Thanks budYYYY"

Coby Burah says:

Do you need sinks?

Fintro ` says:

thr youtube buffering system just lags

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