How I Started My Own Web Design Business And Got Clients Every Time

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Michael Posimani says:

Did your initial clients ask if you had a website they could look at?

Foxy rollins says:

How is busines late 2015 going? any predictions?

Michael Anthony says:

"cold calling is really intrusive and people are busy working"
so you started "banging" on doors and showing up at their businesses? soliciting in person is a lot more intrusive my friend…

Gregory Bedford says:

Super inspiring John!! True role model!

Shuja Abbas says:

hey brother im very perplexed by the thought that what is the need of coding when softwares like wysiwyg are easily available

Joe Curcuru says:

thank you

Kalina Edwards (Ever Changing Kalina) says:

Love this very helpful. I did have a question. Im just starting out and the skills i have for building a website at the moment is html5 css3 a lil JavaScript and bootstrap. Because im still in school learning at the moment. Do you think it's a good idea for me to try freelancing while im still in beginner phase or should i wait until ive gained more experience. I've gotten my first client already and im almost finished With the project. But just wondering what your opinion is!
Thanks in advance. 

Matt Dathew says:

that's probably what i shud do

Sam Bramwell says:

Thank you for this video.

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