Graphic Design Tutorial: Web design, creative side

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This video talks about some creative choices you can make in keeping with web-design best practices. In this video I referenced

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ºTroy Flowers says:

Thanks for the great tips n tricks from 2013 still seems super relevant today :)

Ken Liew says:

Awesome. Thank you for sharing. Nice Video!

Perth Website Designer says:

Much like fashion, web designing is also changing constantly . that is why we need to be always on the lookout on the modern best practices, experienced and functional. Great video Mr. Shawn!

Parth Patel says:

Thanks man…find useful…

haiqing wang says:

nice,thank you.

Let's Build WordPress says:

Nice video!

mostar122 says:

I think this is a very useful video, there are a lot of steps and research that needs to be done before even opening photoshop, not to say also dreamveawer and others… Thank you very much sir!

Guild Master says:

Shawn what is this thing called that you are using and is it free???

Priscila J says:

Very informative, thank you!

Outsourcing Application Development says:

Thank you for explaining the concept and connection. 

Itse sagay says:

Man you are too good…Shawn Barry.. i would like to thank you in my local Nigerian Slang…. "YOU SABI WORK & YOUR TEETH CORRECT"…

Shawn Barry says:

+websitemedia customercare – not sure why I was unable to respond to your question, but there was no "reply" option. Anyway, what I prefer to use is whichever works best for what I'm doing. I bounce between them pretty often.

websitemedia customercare says:


what do you prefer to use ?  illustrator or photoshop ?

TRONIX - Photoshop Design Tutorials says:

Very well explained!

scarab13designs says:

Very informative and cool!

Joshua Cavin says:

This is very helpful for layout. I recommend for users to go with an unboxed layout. Makes the website look more modern and for bigger screensizes, creates a much more fluid look. Great tutorial

BPO Outsourcing Remote says:

Photoshop is really genius, imagine you create a web layout by just designing the prototype of your ideal website. Thanks for the tips!

danny nickelson says:

Good tutorial! other than creativity consider interactivity. I suggest ideas from tamtam Tools. com if you are into websites.

Shawn Barry says:

Well said, and really glad the videos are helpful.

Shawn Barry says:

Hey Mark – the rules are pretty universal, which is to say, most creatives use them. They may call them something different, but it's the same idea. As you work in different studios, with other creatives, you'll start seeing these things pop up in other people's work, in conversation, etc. In a way, it's like "The rules of fight club". You have to be in fight club to hear them. You'll also discover the rules for yourself, and others will verify the rules when they see you using them. Make sense?

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