Samantha’s cool Space Station science

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ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti running experiments in weightlessness during her Futura mission for scientists from all over the world. The International Space Station offers three state-of-the-art laboratories where research can be done without gravity. The European Columbus laboratory, the Japanese Kibo and the American Destiny module offer facilities for physics, biology, geophysics and medicine.

Samantha’s 40-hour work week is devoted to science and maintaining the weightless research centre. This video gives a fast-track impression of some of the experiments she worked on. In quick succession we see Samantha working on: exercise machine ARED, measuring her body mass, the robotic droids SPHERES, ESA’s microgravity glovebox, muscle-measurement machine MARES, centrifuge-incubator Kubik, Biolab, Materials Science Laboratory and ejecting miniature satellites called Cubesats into space.

Read more about her science on the Futura website:

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nunya biznez says:

shes likes a cute little action figure for SCIENCE!!

Marflaxen says:

Science flies you into space, religion flies you into skyscrapers.

ragnarox16 says:

I didn't know ISS could eject objects into orbit… Cool…

pinalo2009 says:

wow, she is fully evolved species. poor us, were not evolved because we can only type and comment :(

TheDopeyMonkey says:

What happens if you sneeze aboard the ISS?

Martin Gasparini (Nitram86) says:

Well this don't explain much on what they are actually doing I will be interested in knowing more specifically what they do…

Arshad Nazran says:

Man.. they never stopped working do they..? Imagine a resort in the space in the future where hard working people like them get to chill out. The saying still applies.., "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".

landofw56 says:

Change hairdresser.

michael cooney says:

I see they've sorted the hair problem ;)

Arbitros says:

Amazing video, samantha is an amazing woman and the space lab is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Kumarnatwar Singh says:

I like stay in this type house, how can I build on the blue planet?

Norman Schopenhauer says:

She needs a fucking comb and a powerful hair gel

Epic trailers says:

I hope we colonise other planet before climated change destroy human race AND WE ARE RUNING OUT OF TIME

Zamolxes77 says:

"I'm sciencing as fast as I can " – prof. Farnsworth

Lulu Kastagnette says:

Woah, impressionnant… She's a great and inspiring spationaut. I hope that one day, thanks to the hard work of people like her and all the scientists on Earth, we will be able to see an international team on Mars. I mean… I missed the first human on the moon (as I wasn't born yet) so, please, let me see the first humans on Mars in my lifetime ! :D

Liquefaction says:

velcro pant legs? great idea.

doceigen says:

Lots of tech gear in those chambers!

Сitizen Universe says:



Today's astronauts are smart and healthy

Spaghetti western says:

So the women cut their hair now?

Kuddos Feher says:

So, when do they get to work?, everything seems like fun time.

starysamochod says:

Can i have a question ? Do the internet works in space ?

Segundo Osvaldo Cuevas Fuica says:

Interesante actividad .

giovanni bernaudo says:

Donna delle stelle/astro italiano

Jeremy Jones says:

The space station is so cluttered…i'm in awe that they know what it all does.

Gregory Leyton says:

This is amazing! I wish space travel will become possible soon

Kmykzy says:

Wow, the equipment at 1:14 looks so heavy and so weird when handles weightless.

Alex De Jong says:

Its amazing to witness how brilliant some people are, these people are our steps towards an incredible future.

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