Will Sex Robots Make Real Women Obsolete?

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A robot ethicist is going after sex robots, saying that banning them is important if you care about real relationships. Dr. Kathleen Richardson claims that men will prefer the robots and that real women will become obsolete. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian (The Point) hosts of The Young Turks discuss.

Would you buy a sex robot? Can it replace a real person? Let us know in the comments below.

Read more here: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-34118482

“A campaign has been launched calling for a ban on the development of robots that can be used for sex.

Such a use of the technology is unnecessary and undesirable, said campaign leader Dr Kathleen Richardson.

Sex dolls already on the market are becoming more sophisticated and some are now hoping to build artificial intelligence into their products.
Those working in the field say that there is a need for such robots.

Dr Richardson, a robot ethicist at De Montfort University in Leicester, wants to raise awareness of the issue and persuade those developing sex robots to rethink how their technology is used.”


The Young Turks September 15, 2015 Hour 2

Will Sex Robots Make Real Women Obsolete?

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TheBrutalFlan says:

maybe at first men will have robots over women, then maybe the women will take note and stop being random bitches if they really want a man, or they'll just make robot sex dolls for women aswell and pregnancy will happen in vitro through the robots or end up matrix style growing babies in tubs so no one has to have the birthing problem

Phill Rockt says:

Unless this thing can clean dishes it won´t make women absolete…

Offended? Popcorn is ready, come at me, I´m waiting :)

battletoads22 says:

I find it demeaning that women have vibrators and dildos. I would be insulted if my girlfriend/wife had one.

Edvinas Galinis says:

hope it becomes a real thing and very popular because there would be less humans, less humans = less polution and more resources

joethehood13 says:

Will Sex Robots Make Real Women Obsolete? NO until they can cook etc,

Robert Ciamei says:

nothing can stop, the power….. OF BONER!!!

sparklingmsp says:

humans are discusting sex Is for reproducing what if sex robots rule over and the humans are extinct who's fault ohhhh the retarded people wasting their time making to and perverted men who buy it

sparklingmsp says:

humans are discusting sex Is for reproducing what if sex robots rule over and the humans are extinct who's fault ohhhh the retarded people wasting their time making to and perverted men who buy it

boxertest says:


Daniel Cárdenas Muñoz says:

Actually Ray Kurzweil says we are going to have artifficial intelligence as personal asistants, and they will work so well that you are literally not going to live without them, until being androids, because that type of artificial intelligence might be designed to feel your personality and wishes without any problem.

Jason Tesch says:

I am totally fine with that, as long as it never decides to kill me.

giannapple says:

Hmmm… Let's wait for a functioning male sex robot and see how feminists (at least part of them) will react. I mean… they have tried during the last 50 years or so to make human males obsolete, so… ;-)

Royal Fenikkusu says:

>Implying real women are mating machines and robots can reproduce

Alexander Webley says:

One word; Chobits

Xptechmike nosehairextractorguy says:

It will also make women work harder for what men are for.

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