Top 5 – Computer Gadgets You Must Have

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jaw dropping halloween deals(upto 90% off) = Subscribe now – New videos everyday – There are many futuristic gadgets available today for computers that we don’t know about, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered… Welcome to Qubimaxima, and today we are counting down our picks for the top five computer gadgets that you must have.
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Hub+ —-
Sliden’joy —-
Odin —
Zcan —-
Leap Motion —-
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Jason Swinney says:

why the hell would you buy a computer without a usb. god apple is evil as hell.

Very Manly Man says:

"Computer" gadgets no't mac :P

Vintage It says:

Very Useful.

Fadhl Ilham says:

Mac the hottest new computer LMAO

popa666 ZTR(BG) says:

mega stupid idea

Kacper Dąbrowski (KaplaRecords) says:

Or you can just buy a normal PC instead of …

Scrubadubdub says:

Paid ad junkgasm

Agelos Do says:

these are all bullshits

Tom Bartol says:

Top 5 – computer gadgets you do not need ?

cband019 says:

Didn't want any of this shit

Ergün Nar says:

real men don't use touchpad nor projected mouse eh?

but that scanner mouse is nice.

Nikolai Smetannikov says:

Second one (Sliden'joy) has the potential to be quite a hit — seems like a perfect upgrade from my HP U160 (although looking at how messed up their website is, I'm a bit worried for the product).
The rest — "OK" at best.

TwoFaceHunted says:

Well gee thanks, I just wasted 4:28 minutes of my life watching this shit.

rama roy says:

I want cock

Hakan Yucel says:

5- You have Apple Lightning USB-adapter you don't need to buy this nr 5 produkt!
4- old ide fore me, do you really need 3 screen ( in Full HD ) Today I have MSI gaming laptop whit 4K resolution, its like i have 4 Full HD screen 🙂 baahhh don't need this produkt really
3- eheh…. save yore money… before you buy test it first!
2- Scanner??? You can use yore Phone whit scan app's! Then you can save in PDF ore Word document, you really don't need one more stuff in yor bag!
1- try to hold yore hand on the air in front of you in 10 min! this produkt look like cool but do you really need this??

Amazon62 says:

so, the last one. Whats that? No info at all…

Mohammad Imran Khan says:

Falto componenet MAC book purai faltu

Bvmbo says:

soo i bring a computer mouse with me to scan words omg sounds like the copy paste feature every smartphone and pc is built with and dont forget the helpful thing called the internet can find those exacts books they used in the ads

Smart Reach says:

Our Smart Reach bed phone pocket would fit in nicely. Check us out!

scstraus says:

You might want to fix the title to "5 pretty unnecessary computer gadgets"

Kook Dude says:


Oli Cansdale says:

Why would i want a macbook accessory?

ASAP Gamer says:

Rename this to "Laptop Gadgets"

Xaiano says:

Amazing, so if I buy a macbook, i need a peripheral to use….well…..anything. Good to know.

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