The 2015 DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals

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The DARPA Challenge is a competitive obstacle course that allows robotics teams to win millions in prize money. More than that, the challenge displays the future benefits of general purpose robots that could aide in future disaster relief.


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Sammy Hannat says:

I can't wait for when I look back at this and laugh at how basic these tasks were but for now, I'm amazed

Ethan Austin says:

asumo can do better than that speed

sjs2002gd says:

They're gonna take YER JERB..They're gonna take our JEEERBS

Jpmaverickap says:

5 years to go before 20xx

Jim Anguinart says:

Time to take it to the next level? Check out the Anguinart channel. Make a robotic anguitome that can self assemble in to any user defined sculpture. Or a robot that can conform to terrain on an asteroid and drill in search of gems and minerals. Or search for explosives in a war zone. Or self assemble in to a building. Or a robotic spinal column that can self repair…

BlackCats says:

omg the narrators voice sounds like the lumpy space people from adventure time.

sharlomar breed says:

you people stupid
don't you see everything they make ends up either way wrong
1 day war will be like a videogame believe me

Jonathan Mellino says:

Wow. Is that the H.E.R.B.I.E. ("Humanoid Experimental Robot, B-type, Integrated Electronics")

Jonathan Mellino says:

Nice dude

George Van Den Bos says:

Nice robots man

George Van Den Bos says:

Wow spectacular stuff guys! Keep it up


whats the point of this challenge?

Mahdi Mhz says:

چه جالب

Jay Eisenzimmer says:

PLEASE give it rocket pods

Ben Dover says:

This should be the prelude to a Transformers movie, Show how Cybertron was created.

Lukáš Neoproud says:

I thought the robots are completely autonomous and now I see they are remote controlled. I'm a bit disappointed.

NobelMicha says:

sex robots when?

Chrismasterski says:

Now put them on uneven ground…

Furious Emerald says:

Wow, it seems to be much fun to build a robot!

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