Interior Design – Tour A Bright Family Home With Pops Of Color

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Designer Samantha Farjo shares a bright and open family home that’s both functional and stylish. See how she combines smart pieces with color and texture for a warm, contemporary feel.

Samantha kept the main floor of this home bright and open for the young family. The kitchen is perfect for entertaining, complete with a statement backsplash, wraparound bar and banquette for casual meals. The family room extends from the kitchen, with a mod fireplace, concealed floor-to-ceiling storage units and cool lighting fixtures throughout. Interesting art and pops of color can be found in the multipurpose living room and dining area, while walls on the second floor are painted in a deep charcoal for a warm, cocooning effect.


Elizabeth Ricard says:

Beautiful design.

MsTheBow says:

Love their art.

Rinaiyoko says:

Love it, expecially that carpet in the living room with the purple and blue colour! I would have loved some more colour on the walls but it's not my home so the owners have to love it.

Propsavvy says:

What a gorgeous home!

Sophia Lei says:

Really enjoyed this but I would have really enjoyed seeing the kids rooms as well!

Jane Norris says:

Love the rug in the living room. Who makes it and where did you get it?

Bunny Mad says:

It is a lovely home, a bit white for my personal taste for a large space, but really nicely done so it's not cold and everything feels very peaceful and balanced. Really love those green drapes in particular. It's given me fabulous ideas and supported some ideas I've got for a tiny type home we are planning on doing in a few years. Thank you so much. =) I am LOVING this channel.

Casey Stockbridge says:

I think this is my favorite House & Home project yet! I need to intern with this designer.

Ryan KSA says:

clean work

Steve says:

I love the art work from 0:17 to 0:20! Does anyone know the title or the artist?

JUST DAS says:

جميل جداً :)

Wallacen 25 says:


MsREE81 says:

I love it, great job.

awesomeskylineally says:


alice gherasim says:

I love love love your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mdjk89 says:

Love it! I just wish they had videos of dark kitchens.

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