Formula 1 – On The Edge

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REUPLOADED – This a tribute to the era of Formula 1 from 2000 to 2008. The last heroic era of the sport – machines at the very best, drivers taming the beasts, driving on the limit lap after lap. I grew up watching this era and I loved every single moment – beautiful cars, advanced aerodynamics, no mind games or media games, no boards running the teams, tobacco sponsorship deals, Toyota and Honda with their F1 programme, Ferrari and McLaren fighting for the glory, Williams still winning races and of course, Michael Schumacher becoming the most successful driver of all time. Have fun! A pure racing. Great memories…

Music: Linkin Park – What I’ve Done & Shinedown – Miracle

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Formula 1 is a world of glamour, passion and excitement. It’s a world with a long history and a lot of stories. Many of them have good endings but there are also some which we would wish never happened. Many drivers had a pleasure to win and some even tasted the feeling of being world champions. Only the best of the best can drive those beasts around all the challenging tracks in the world – from Monaco to Suzuka. There also some legendary names in the sport, like Fangio, Clark, Stewart, Lauda, Prost, Senna and Schumacher, which give you “goose bumps” just when you hear them… without any doubts Formula 1 is a queen of Motorsport and only the fans can understand why we sit in front of our TVs from March until November almost every weekend and watch how more than twenty greatest drivers in the world are chasing the championship winning trophy. It’s a long journey full of challenges and every single man in a team has to work very hard – it’s a dream which comes true only for the very best.

Formula 1 is also my big passion, I have watched this sport for more than 10 years. And as Ayrton Senna once said “you will never know the feeling of a driver when winning a race. The helmet hides feelings that cannot be understood.” But we fans have some special feelings too when our favourite drivers winning the races and the championship and those feelings sometimes can’t be described as well. “When Words Are Not Enough” then I come and try to do something I love about something I love and try to represent all the emotions to you, fans, once again. To never forget those special great moments. Thank you everyone for your great support. I’m doing those videos only for you and it’s a pleasure.


Rene Eduardo Dominguez Calderon says:

Así es de fantástico….

Motorsport Total Zone - IcemanF13 says:

Fantastic video. The real F1. Like++++

its Animal says:

How do you get the clips for these videos?

Marcin Szafran says:

I love your videos! Great job. Any 2015 Highlights?

jna93TV says:

This is the Formula One i grew up watching, and the Formula One I miss. Thank you for re-uploading this, a pleasure to watch as always :)

LAO VideoFiles says:


Francesco Cutelli says:


Rafiur rahman says:

perfect video. perfect song.. as simple as that

its Animal says:

will you be making more videos through out 2016 now?

dennis van opijnen says:

can you make a tribute to max verstappen he is a realy good driver and you always make great movies

Pat Kelly says:

Fantastic yet again Ayrton01, brilliant footage and songs to match, very well done, Merry New Year 🙂 :)

Lukáš Biel says:

Awesome video Ayeron01CZ, another great work!

didi didi says:

This is the real Formula 1! i love this video, great work.

Justin Guerra says:

Probably one of the most beautiful epic F1 video !! Nice work

1320crusier says:

Another great vid, CZ.

Nicolás Morales says:

I nearly cried.
I watch F1 since i was very young. I have the pride to say, i grew up in the best era for motor racing, ever
Amazing video!

eric ngui says:

Ah, the era before the plastic F1 teams: Red Bull and Mercedes ruining the sport.

Edoardo Bonazzi says:

How can this video have 5 dislikes? UNBELIEVABLE
PS: Fantastic video Ayrton! The best of many for sure!

Piotr says:

Thanks for this video, I can't wait for next F1 season. :)

The Sim Racer ► Your Home of F1 Sim Racing says:

Absolutely fantastic video! Love the choice of music! I miss the DRS-free racing with good looking cars…

Martynas Viederis says:

Just a masterpiece ! Awesome job ! 10/10. Second song was chosen so perfectly , just I listen that song always ! Keep going !

Otavio de Barros says:

magnificent combination of rock and formula 1!!! what I've done is my favorite music, together with formula 1, my favorite sport

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