F1 cockpit cam: See the driver at work

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A rare look at life inside a Formula 1 cockpit with the driver at work during a lap of Jerez.

Williams Martini Racing


Vignesh Jeya says:

that's quite noisy

Pratik Parija (Ferrari Enthusiast) says:

The camera is a little low. Wish it was a little higher.

Alex Denich says:

what a track is IT?

shabocLo D. says:

nice little map of the circuit taped inside the car

Stroker Ace says:

only reason F1 needs a driver in the car is to press the button and steer the car. Every else is done for them maintain pit road speed hit button, change cars preference push button and so on. F1 drivers are not real race car drivers because and take no talent or driving abilities anymore. F1 drivers should be pissed off because of how the sport of open wheel racing and F1 has stolen these drivers talent and great driving abilities from them.

MarcYz says:

Total interessant! Vorallem die Perspektive unter dem Fahrzeug, liegt ja wie ein Brett 😀 Aber warum sind die beine so unsynchron? sieht aus als seien sie nach rechts angewinkelt. Bitte um aufklärung

Death Penality says:

SOUNDS GREAT !!! I knew V6T would be loud like this

Naviboy 1402 says:

How aro dynamic f1 would be with wind screens

seatgurus says:

How is he shifting?

BlackDragon93N #22 says:

All i see is the steering wheel is being turned.

maxg4sr says:


mimingwidiatmoko says:

what is all that buttons for ?

gold333 says:

What a stupidly produced video. You can't see anything.

Kicking Guy Aka RedDellusion says:

Camera is on his dick

Protab Ali says:

cam is too low!

workoutfanatic787 says:

Looks like a video game! I guess that's a compliment right?

Hercy Bird says:

I am interested, at what part during the editing process was it decided that the wind sounds are so awesome they should be included…. at full volume? Great stuff 🙂 TBH you could have just sat the car in the garage and turned the wheel a few times and got the same video, with less wind noise lol.

Loki says:

damnit I can't hear anything at 200mph 🙁
also the little cheat sheet for the track layout is awesome!

Ito Ke (Kageookami) says:

I just came.

Dick Dousche says:

really love the sound of that wind, well done lads at williams



Maciej Maciex says:

Williams not only have the worst strategists in Formula 1, they also can't make a video with proper camera angle…

vinícius ecotur says:

zuado, muito ruimm. só dá pra ver o volante.. que coco….

Cefa says:

nice wind sound, millions of euro and a chinese chest mount and not even a stupid external mic

Roman Zerstoren says:

Cool! I put 2 likes & favorited the video.
P.S. Claire, i like you very much!

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