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Paradise, found. Take a vacation at your desk with this tropical getaway for your imagination. For more DIYs, videos, and magical moments, subscribe to my channel:

The Bahamas Beach House, first featured in our Come Travel With Me video ( was so beautiful, I thought it deserved its own show and tell! Each room was bright, colorful, and like a Pinterest board come to life. Wonderland, much? I may be biased after spending a few days in this island getaway, but I think it is one of the *best places ever.*

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Stephanie Kavanagh says:

Loving your hair in this video!!! Hair tutorial on this look pretty please :)

Sabrina Wiebe says:

Wow its so beautiful!!!! I love the kitchen!!!!!

Megan Cai says:

that kitchen and dining room is to die for!!!!! the colour palette my god!!!

Melody Tennis says:

Whose house is that?

Jennifer Hubbard says:

The pool pictures in the bathroom upstairs are amazing =)

Daisy Ma says:

Where did you go to school? I really want to be an interior designer hah

StylebyK&K says:

Such an awesome video! I love how you combined the clips with photos and audio rather than just walking through. What a beautiful home!

Wendy Bee says:

LOVE. I will never forget my first trip to the Bahamas~ I need to make sure it wasn't my last! Thanks for the inspiration. ~Wendy

Brengwest G says:

definitely a dream home wow it's gorgeous definitely got inspiration .for my home since I'm starting to redo everything thing in my home soon. I always love that beachy feeling in a home even if you're miles away. thank you KT. for taking time to do this video I really wanted to see the complete home.:)adding to my fav list.

frannyyzooey says:

Oh my gosh that house is decorated so gorgeously! Thanks for sharing. Definitely inspiring!

Jamie Tibbits says:

I couldn't pick which room is my favorite! I'd have to say the green room stands out to me and the pineapple room, oh! And the tv room and the bathrooms! Ahhhh! It's perfect.

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