5 Smartphone Gadgets You NEED To Get #11

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Sesame Smart Lock – http://amzn.to/1Nbu1Yl
The Easy Macro – http://amzn.to/1Pbfhbo
PIECE – http://goo.gl/y0bHYa
Droprinter – http://goo.gl/LzcFkr
Thingcharger – http://amzn.to/1L4jJCG
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Anuraag JAJOO (ajhd2002) says:

thing charger is something I would want

shenbaga pandiyan says:

Why don't they bring these products to India? It will sell like a piece of cake.

Vadim K says:

for the SIM card gadget: Why now just use Dual SIM smartphone and you dont need work phone?

karim lavji says:

easy to let other ppl in huh

Soursdey Chhun says:

When phone run out of battery

jawdat tabbaa says:

BTW we dont have electric in syria to use charger

Poil Hutt says:

piece, let's replace carrying a spare phone with, what a block that's basically just as much of a hassle…..why do we waste earth resources for stupid shit like this…

Darko says:

smart lock ….. what i do if my phone is dead

Tyler Whieler says:

3:43 lol that looks like shit

Venky Parashar says:

Lost the phone lost the home

Vilém Zdeněk says:

thing charger sucks

J teegarden says:

couldn't I just replace peace with a dual sim phone

wellofbeersheba says:

I think I will be getting some walls to my house before I get a sophisticated lock.

Juan Alejos says:

wait you can pour absolutely not work on videos and still get thousands of views?!

Jus Ryanz says:

How to buy this lens?

Giovanni Delamora says:

e piece of shit

Милан Ђукић (Official) says:

Drop Printer is the best thing. Other gadgets are less interesting…

GamingBro says:

Thingcharger is useless in Europe

Lucca Oklopcic says:

open sesame! ops, phone is dead

tankeeyong0128 says:

the charger thing is so useless, and try put sony phone or any phone with charging port at the side of phone and not middle centre yeah then how u put your phone without breaking the charging pin and damage your phone. not all phone are with charging port at bottom. besides it looks so easy to break and damage your phone.
Moreover thats even product with all possible charging pin connected by wired(like 10 types) connected to one charger socket. Its way more convinient and dont even have to change or add that stupid big charger shown in the video. At least have an exposure on the world when you try to invent something. Theres already so many product like which is quite brilliant than this especially in china.

Shrinivas Parthasarathy says:

guy looks like Stanley Kubrick

tankeeyong0128 says:

lol all of these are useless…..the piece also, just buy dual sim phone. ops…iphone dont have it?……

Rory Noble says:

'drop printer' 'thing charger' and 'piece'- how imaginative

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