10 Most Advanced Robots

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From Google’s Cheetah robot to a machine designed for nuclear events, we count the 10 most advanced robots that exist.

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Seth Sumner says:

you. seth

IceCreamExplosion says:

asimo is the best robot in the world. it's better then a war machine and robots that will hurt others. Japan is on a role right now with robotics. it's America's turn to make robots like this

Rachel Phillips says:

I want one to carry groceries, defend me from attackers, walk the dog, give me a massage, check the kids homework, drive me around….hey this could be soooo perfect!!!

jayfurjill says:

This is fascinating but I would much rather have been able to see clips of them actually moving rather than just stills. Or maybe that would have given me nightmares….!

Dragoon Z says:

where's the anaconda robot?

RiceManAlex says:

Number 02 in the video dosent it remind you of the endoskeleton in advanced warfare?

Moose Gaming says:

What abou frhank

cobra509 kimanicoates says:

You know, the narrator himself sounds like a robot. Just stating the truth.

FernestHall says:

What is this list? Reupload of 8 years ago?

NotAParsnip.TV says:


paterpater100 says:

Hal isn't a robot. It's an exo-skeleton..

Flashnirt94 // Random Stuff! says:

You pronounced NAO wrong. >:(

Plato says:

I always pondered this question… Would a robot with guns designed to kill you, save you instead? No. So why do we think a robot designed to help us hurt us instead? And if you think about it, humans always perceive the unknown as a threat… Aliens, AI, even other people.

James McGraw says:

Oh…we forgot one more thing. There's an army of Omnidroid 9000s led by Terminator, Robocop, and Metal Sonic…and they are coming for everyone who viewed this video.

Deadman Irfan says:

why no optimus prime? bumblebee? ironhide? ratchet

Chris Ackerman says:

If I was a billionaire I would buy an asimo

Video Upload says:

Learn the pronunciation please HAHA! :)

Ariel Campos says:

my uncle works at Honda and I like robots!!!

Alex_ Gamist says:

#2 modern day exo-suit

PARTY4711LIFE says:

Exo suits? Atlas? I've heard this before. COUGH "ADVANCE WARFARE" COUGH COUGH

Marko Milic says:

I hope robots won,t destroy us in 40 years.

DeanHarper says:

I thought this was the future? Where's my robot wife? Where's my jetpack? Where's my flying car?

Fuck it, I'm freezing myself for another ten years. Lets hope 2025 isn't such a disappointment.

Dr.Sir Bruce Armstrong Mother Fucker The Third says:

Asimo is such a big fucking waste of money.

PeachyQichi says:

where is chappie?

Nora Cimafranca says:

When atlas came up I was putting my cod advance

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