YouTube Advertising – Cost

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What’s the cost to advertise on YouTube? In this quick video you will learn about YouTube advertising and the cost associated with the various ad types. Want access to our ULTIMATE Digital Marketing Toolbox? You can get access to this toolbox by clicking right here –

Timestamps Below

0:14 – Cost Per View basis advertising on YouTube

0:20 – In-Stream YouTube Ads

0:55 – In-Display YouTube Ads

1:07 – NonSkippable YouTube Ads

1:13 – Cost for each YouTube Ad type

1:28 – Example of advertiser using YouTube Ads with best practices

2:16 – Ultimate Digital Marketing Toolbox Download

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YouTube Advertising – Cost


Dushyant Khatri says:

+DigitalMarketer Hey Please reply!
What if I make a Video ad, with content only in first 20 seconds and the rest of the time I put a blank screen, or a very boring still picture, so that viewers ultimately skip that ad before 30 seconds. I have promoted the campaign without being charged. Is it possible?

Avadanei Andrei says:

I FUKIN HATE YOUTUBE ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How to get rid of them,?

Paul Naama says:

roi too little.

Joseph Hegarty says:

Great Vid… Thanks

Amanda Schaeffer says:

Well done and very helpful! Thank you!!

Paullee1147 says:

How about Fuck Off ads.

AptlyFictional says:

Best! Downloaded all 18 Files and they are more interesting than a random Youtube Video, if you are actually a marketer. Thanks for the headstart!

Doc Paradox says:

Fuck your motherfucking ads. Just as in fucking cable TV the ads BLAST my fucking speakers yet the content I am trying to watch is barely audible at max volume. Suck my fucking ball sack you greed driven fucktards.

Milan Dzunda says:

This video should be called: HOW TO ADVERTISE ON YOUTUBE FOR FREE

nicely done guys

bla bla bla hey guys do you want to buy this DM TOOL? LOL

todd gates says:

thanks alot of help

Adam Castro says:

how much did it cost to launch this ad?

MaahirGaming | Weekly Mods/tutorials and FIFA VIDEOS! says:

When you realise this is an ad

henry overkill says:

I woke up and saw this. back to bed.

Jason Samulik (Whalersgoalie11) says:

Hello everyone! My name is Jason Samulik I am a gamer who likes to upload daily and hope for the best of my fan base! If you guys subscribe I'll be sure to check out your channel and maybe subscribe! Thank you all in advance!

Lawrence Arenas says:

Did you know that there is an ad which is 22:00 long? I had that ad and it was a woman singing but not any old song she was singing like la la la pokapoka namanam sooooo lokoloko. I've been through that ad but luckily there was a skip button. Remember it was a 22:00 ad…

Scamp Barnabas says:

Lol this is an ad

imyourtnt6 says:

now I don't wanna watch ads because it costs people


I want to advertise on YouTube but when I start monetising I haven't had an option saying where the money should go.

Andrew Clark says:

I've always wondered how advertisers get charged on YouTube, this was an interesting video to watch!

Avs minhas says:

Wow there is an ad for an ad mind blown

TaTo Crespo 2689 says:

The non skipable ads are a pain in the ass

Jasper Woods says:

there were two uk on the globe

Jaden Barrett says:

Cantonese opera


Great explanation video! Thanks for sharing!

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