Project #LIVE – Twitter – Digital Advertising & Marketing & Social Media Documentary – HD – 2015

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Digital Advertising & Marketing Documentary

Live storytelling is changing our definition of who and what is “creative.” It’s no longer the rarefied skill of a few people. Everyone can be creative nowadays, everyone is their own media company, everyone can participate in stories and ideas are constantly bubbling up from the audience.


Claire Sutherland says:

How to creatively make a profit…

james larkin says:

wow i love this video, love that you got patrick in the vid, its got me thinking about how live twitter is

hey i have an idea, im looking to find influencers, do you know a way that i can find therapists that practice in the uk that also use twitter ?

Brendan Mace says:

Thanks for the video!

Ryan Fernandes (ScarFace) says:

I would love to be part of

John Moschetti (JP) says:

patrick stewart is a beast. TNG for life.

Dustin Reynolds says:

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Sudeep Lahiri says:

very insightful

Esha Raja says:

great stuff

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