Medical Cannabis owns this epileptic seizure

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12-year-old “Cyndimae” (11-years-old at the time of this video) suffers from a rare form of epilepsy, known as “Dravet Syndrome.” Here her mother, Susan Meehan, administers activated-THC, present in oils extracted from the Cannabis (Marijuana) plant, as an emergency anti-seizure medication. When applied orally between the gums and lower lip, the medication is able to soak directly to her bloodstream through the mucus membranes in her mouth. Which, as you can see, knocks out the seizure in a matter of seconds and with virtually no side effects.
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Kelly Crossland says:

I think it's so wonderful you found something that helps relieve her symptoms.

thatswhyudie says:

hey can you tell me please how the song is named?

Arman Ashourlou says:


Ballz Swetski says:

my old room mates ;)

Austin Hawks says:

I'm trying this now.

Muhtarram Petry says:

Our fucking german system never will legalize it cause they dont want that the people beginning to think about all….about the poitics and about all the lies they have offered us.
In germany the people are allowed to drink till they die. So they destroy their minds and they kill each other or driving a car with alcohol in the head. They knowing that they dont have to be afraid of it if they make an accident cause the law are very soft with them. You made someone dead with an accident cause you was drunken ?? No problem, german courts dont see that as a big problem, no they say : Cause you were drunken you dont have the controll over your doing and so you dont get problem fort it. Excuse me my wrong english !

MurosWorld says:

damn.. i beliece that cannabis oil can help me but no doc in germany would give this to me… my seizures look like hers and i cannot breathe for a while

sleetskate says:

LOL so funny

Jeremiah Adam says:

Me myself to I have Seizures Bac to Bac each day and I smoke Cannabis myself to relax and most of the time I end up not having anyproblems until the time ends

chazzatheninja says:

Childhood vaccines DO NOT and never will cause epilepsy. I have TLE and it went undiscovered until my late teenage/pubescent growth period. This kind of stuff can develop later, it't not always evident, and so it's easy to attribute it to something in the interim, like childhood vaccines, but it's entirely incorrect. 
While there is significant evidence to suggest Cannabidiols are effective in treating epilepsy, and I commend you on that, do not blame your child's condition on something which is beneficial for society and the individual: it's harmful.

Gregorey Greg says:

I hope your child gets better

Dan Aylestock says:

Thank you for sharing, I hope this medication changes her life! God Bless

Iva Laksmana says:

Hello, im from LGN, we've been collecting video like this for evidence that cannabis can help. Can we download this video so we can upload it in our legalization fanpage? Hope we hear back from you. Thank you – Iva

Destinyatk says:

OMG!! This brought tears to my eyes. My daughter has every kind of seizure you can think of and she will be finally getting this type of treatment and I know in my heart that it will work for her. GOD Bless you and your beautiful daughter and thank you for sharing such a personal video. I'll keep you posted when she starts taking it and let you know how well it works for her..

highspacefox says:

WOW, what a powerful video…
almost unbelievable.

Hayden Creager says:

"Caused by childhood vaccines"… Don't buy that, sorry. But I'm happy the plant helps. 

Bill Nye says:

Hello, awesome video! My name is Spencer and i am 28 and suffer from Grand-mal, Tonic-clonic and Petite-mal seizures and Marijuana is the only thing that prevents me from having Grand-mals…(The big ones). I have had over 300 Grand-mals But NEVER on a day that I woke up and used marijuana. I feel God has a reason for Every plant on earth! We just have to find them! I live in Michigan and have my License for Medical Marijuana but I still feel like it is somewhat illegal so next summer I am moving to Colorado! Thank You for sharing your story!

draco malfoy says:

I'm lighting this blunt in her honor.

steve lacey says:

Wow, that is a powerful vid

TheH3000 says:

I wish they gave me this as medicine instead of those stupid fucking pills that makes it even worse.

Ipponjudoka says:

Oh man I really just want to know how they confirmed this being  "from routine childhood vaccines" this is an amazing treatment but I feel like that beginning statement kind of correlates to the kind of people who fear monger vaccinating children……

Spread Some Love! says:

Thank you soooooooooo much for sharing this!  Amazing!

Isalet Mendez says:

These parents are so brave and strong; my heart goes out to them and support!!!

Andris Green says:

And im in Australia where our government still says " it has no accepted use" ….please. ..

This is so effective and so good at what it does – it currently has scientists scratching their heads at how well it works. They cant even make a drug that does this.
and THATS why its illegal.

And No cannabis on Earth will mess you up like a bottle of Scotch.
Having trouble walking straight? – booze
Puking everywhere – booze
Hungover? – booze
Possibility of death – booze.

And thats sold everywhere. ….

eastgoast says:

Sorry Florida but this is off limits to you.

Dan Drumm says:

nerve. a

Dan Drumm says:

Cannabinoids fit into the recepter so instead of a cloud which  stimulates ever moter nerve. It fits again to the receptor of the contolled burst across the moter nerves synapes.  A cloud uncontroled despertion ve a small controlled burst like normal!  If the symtops come back you should have a pill form that you make from the Canabis oil.  Thank her for sharing the story with  others.

Laura Jolley says:

Sadly so many will see this and assume it's "Pothead Propaganda". It amazing me how a couple of years of government lies can wipe out thousands of years of science and experience. 

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