How To Get A Medical Cannabis Card (Massachusetts)

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How to Register with the Medical Use of Marijuana Program:

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*** Intended for audiences 18+ ***
***We are legal Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Patients***


Maynard T says:

I live in MA and looking to get a medical mj card. Thanks guys.

NATHAN 420 says:

It's pretty much the same here in Michigan.

Buddha saur says:

getting a med card in michigan is very easy but i wish we could get it for anxiety. weed helps so much, compared to pharmaceuticals ive tried.


Whenever my friend and I cut each other off we always go skeerrtttt thanks to you guys haha

joshx413 says:

What part of MA u guys from? I'm in western MA

Just Grow It says:

First time watching your channel! Former Masshole here but moved to Nevada and just got my cannabis card here! Subbed! :)

BxAxSxTxA says:

Since it's legal in here, I think in Washington you just need an id to get it

Ryot says:

What are your guys qualifying conditions?

Joshua SanFilippo-Vara says:

What condition do you guys have to get yur  cards???

Haggard E36_420FAN says:

<3 THG

CodyWillMakeIt says:

It's so damn easy in California to get one. Went in, showed ID, filled out papers, talked to doctor, paid $45, walked out in 20 minutes and headed to the dispensary. Started legally smoking weed within an hour.

LScullTrain says:

Is there a limit on the amount of times you can pick up marijuana in a given amount of time, or how much you can pick up at a time? I figured there would be, so no one would go crazy.

Dustin Rist says:

Hahaha docta Jones I need weed LMFAO!!!!perfect

redneckofgaming 20 says:

I wish there medical marijuana where I live 

GhostMurker says:

When did it become legal in your state I thought in the beginning of the channel it still wasn't for you guys

StickyIcky PS3 Modder says:

Wisconsin's only qualifying condition is seizures

Echonova21 says:

Hey you guys should invest in some Dual Arc Lighters they are really cool for smoking with. They work with joints and one hitters, but I have yet to try it with an actual glass piece so I don't really know about that, but they're still cool and you guys should get them.

Marshall Lee says:

Hey I live in central mass thank you thank you thank you

lauren junette says:

Happy to see how far your channel has come since I first subbed 🙂 You guys are awesome. I'm also from MA! Cheers

Ryan Ward says:

Bro your screen on fire!! stoke that shit!

GoodMedicine says:

YOOOOOO YESSSS!! need to move to mass NH lackin… maybe they will pass this rec bill tho haha

J. “Jamesftw” Ja says:

in new Mexico I live literally right next to a dispensary walked in with no card and bought weed


Where are you guys in mass? I'm around West Roxbury.

beautoxc says:

Hey guys, ^5 great stuff and quite timely with a number of dispensaries expected to open in the greater Boston area in the next few months. I'm close to Cambridge so hearing about a dispensary opening in Brookline in January was incentive enough.
I started making calls on NYE day and found even getting thru to even a voicemail box of a 'cannabis' doctor was almost impossible so I had to go on facebook, find a doctor's page and find a location and hours and just show up.
Now it's just a waiting game. ^5

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