How internet advertisers read your mind

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The data we generate online has spawned a complex new ecosystem of firms tracking, interpreting and selling our data to advertisers. This raises privacy concerns for consumers. For more video content from The Economist visit our website:


lester parks says:

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chris dowell says:

haha all this effort and i dont see any adverts on the internet.

Azitock says:

I have never seen an internet ad since early 2007 :)

Viktar Zhurauliou says:

Super! 🙂 (y)

Mani Tati says:

What TheEconomist doesn't tell is HOW to get rid of all the "tracking", advertising, and how easy it is:

1) use an Adblocker como Firefox's AbBlock
2) use an additional script/spyware/adware blocker like Ghostery or NoScript

And that's it, problem solved, no more evil tracking. And no more ads. and puff, there goes google's entire business model 🙂

Only the idiots are tracked

ManiTati says:

lol, "one unhappy costumer who feels their data has been abused will be very public about it"?? How about 1 million?

And again the apple logo in the end, right next to the guy's head 🙂
Oh TheEconomist, you're not even trying to make it subtle. I wonder how much Apple pays you for this

ManiTati says:

i tested that idiotic site on 2 browsers, on 1 it gives a dead link, on Chrome: "We currently do not have any anonymous data on you."
I'm impressed..

ManiTati says:

This is hilarious, a piece harping against evil cookies, and the Economist takes the opportunity to put in some more publicity to Apple? Even the full visible logo lol. The endless pro-Apple articles are not enough?

ManiTati says:

lol, apple laptop

Yevhenii Diomidov says:

Weird, it says they don't know anything about me. I have AdBlock Plus, Disconnect, and Disconnect Search, but still I would expect at least some info to leak…

oracleofottawa says:

This is too easy to escape. Just install Adblock and Ghostery on your Mozilla Firefox browser.  Make the Firefox browser your default browser. Poof! You are all but invisible to these scum trackers!! You will never see another ad again… Doesn't everyone know about this already? And what ever you do – DO NOT USE GOOGLE CHROME!!

Menko says:

Indeed a lot of users are ignorant and do not understand. And they are nil more enlightened after seeing this piece.

Logan Cai says:

Well now all know how it feels to be a celebrity. 

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