Android App Development for Beginners – 29 – Changing the Memes Text

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Dajan Brackovic says:

Where can i find this code on your forum? I'm having trouble trying to find any code on forum. If someone knows, pls help. God will not underestimate your kindness.

Seamus O Connor says:

People saying they don't understand should learn Java first…. these are not tutorials for people who don't know basic Java imo……… Learn Java and come back to these because they are actually really really good tutorials…….

Carlos Saltijeral says:

The problem (at least for me) with the Meme Creator tutorials is that there is not even a mention of the methods being used (final, inflate, etc.; oh, and correct me if these are not methods, I'm learning Java along these app development tutorials and know vaguely about the subject). A brief explanation of why are those methods being implemented would be great and definitely more clear.

Anyways, I appreciate the effort Bucky puts into creating these tutorials.

TheWonder Sock says:

Hey, why can't you just create a method in

public static void createMeme(String top, String bottom)

And then call it from TopSectionFragment?

MainActivity.createMeme(topTextInput.getText().toString(), bottomTextInput.getText().toString());

Why do we need all this crazy interfacing?

Both methods work.

Андрей Миронов says:

You say schtring instead of string… and bukkn instead of button… funny!

Francis DC says:

you have topMemetext.setText (top) AND bottomMemeText.setText (bottom), but what i you have like a list to fill in? Then you can only fill in 2 lines, how can you make this dynamic? 

Francis DC says:

My question is: what know, if you have more then 2 textlines. Eg: you have to make a list of names that are filled in the EditText. A meme has only 2 lines, but if there are like 3 lines, then you cant say top, bottom ofc. Isn't there a way to make it dynamic? 

Urban Sandström says:

Why do you use static member variables? 

Ninja Poniez 117 says:

I made an .apk based on what you made here… And the the two fragments do not communicate with each other… Please help

FranMcOd says:

are u going to make a game in this series? 

Rumbled says:

I feel like I've just been typing on recent tutorials with no real understanding.

silenthacker66 says:

Well Bucky 25 to 28 vids are really confusing and i don't know what did i just typed, Imma slow learner i think but who cares Thank your for your tuts 

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