What Is The KEY FACTOR To Build A PROFITABLE Online Business In 2016?

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Building an Online Business Is Not An Easy Thing To Do. It takes courage, determination, knowledge, etc.

But… If there was a key factor that could make the process of building an online business easier, what would it be? The question is: Your audience.

Watch this video to find out how to build the core factor and be successful in 2016

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Andy Tsang says:

Teach me what you know :O

Rick H says:

I'm all in!

Gabriel Beedles says:

Yes definitely create a course!

Tom Johnson says:

Im very interested!

Tommy Tec says:

I'm building an online business right now. That course would be life right now.

opethian2k2 says:

Would get it for sure

ZaksApps says:

Yes, definetly!

webwizard says:

Hi John! I think that you should absolutely create a course!

Maciej Bukowski says:

It'd definitely be worth your time making a course like this as many programmers are naturally smart in general and smart people are more likely to be ntrepreneurially minded IMO Also, having software skills greatly helps in opening a business as you can more easily accomplish your technical requirements, so I'd say many programmers are interested in an entrepreneurial endeavor

Michael Clark says:


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