What Do All the Formula 1 Flags Mean?

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Some of them you see all the time. Some of them, hardly ever. Here’s our guide to F1’s flags.

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송명호 says:

1:52 what happend?

David Leho says:


Lovro Andraka says:

I think that it would be more useful if you would make a video about new crazy tyre rules.

Pranav raj says:

Name of the music please?

Keis Alex says:

What is this? F1 has started to publish USEFUL content?

DutchRacing says:

Poor Markus Ericsson

Iam Ilias says:

good video

Tephinq - Minecraft says:

Thx now ik the flags cause i have just started on gokart

tommythetreat000 says:

Somebody give Bernie Ecclestone the black flag.

Ádám Dovics says:

Video is on the HUNGARORING <3!!

Omega says:

who's the black and yellow circle flag for at 1:50?

Faris Ikhwan (FI) says:

Hey where's the japanese flag?

Vaiz Ghani says:

Blue Flag Blue Flag Bluuu Flag by Vettel seriously funny xD

the sharpdressed man says:

its not that hard:]

dodo volamte says:

they must show the black flag to Pastor a little bit more often.

ReBeLhIpI says:

overtaking allowed now with a single yellow flag???

Evolq says:

Every time I see the guy wave the checkered flag, I sometimes cringe because I often wonder if he'll end up dropping it onto the track. That would be hilarious to see that happen.

turboboy1983 says:

They should have cameras inside the helmets pointed at the drivers face. I saw something similar on a rallycar driver. It sounds kinda gay but it was actually pretty cool to watch.

Jay Pee Lituañas says:

should've done something but I've done it enough by the way

jdmikeg4 says:

I thought WHITE flag meant last lap of the race?

MessiahNerves says:

isnt the white flag also there for pratice starts after qualy or any other session?

George Liverpool says:

2:13 Why should be a nice battle like this be penalised??

Rain Driver says:

Wow! Great video! Thanks! :)

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