Super Bug= Virus

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This is another CDC man made Virus!


Ms Black says:

there's a movie called "bug" starring Ashley judd. it goes through everything.

littlejem77 7 says:

Great video.On that note, I might consider using Dr Sebi's herbal remedies and put his alkaline electric food teaching to the test !!

Big homie West says:

Must let my Uncle hear this. All he eats is pork !

Micki Charee says:

What about organic meat?

Blacbutaflyy2 says:

Hello Yash I have been subscribed to your channel for about 7 months. I have been enlightened on a lot of topics of this world. Thank you for your work. I admit that some of this info was overwhelming for me. There have been things you've open my eyes too that was overlooked and came to fruition.. Yash I have been to several stores that have asked me if my bank card has the "chip" in it. I don't have the "chipped" card but I'm confused as too how this "chipped" card is issued. Do you have to agree to change over?

Fernando Mccrea says:

love your Videos my brother, plz keep feeding us with information. I'm one that started following you about a year ago, and started researching on my on alot of the things you've been talking about, and brother you're do dead on about everything you talk.

Eddington J says:

healthy as a

Shraun Moreland says:



The virus sounds like an ode to their Money God pluto, phantom=invisible helmet/mask, AND I always thought the ritual virus would've been computer Glitch not superbug, thanks YashQ!

shamillions says:

They shutting all them walmarts down thanks Yash for this video having touch that flu shot in yrs I don't play that my brother passout after his flu shot two yrs ago thank the most high he alive today he was hospitalized.

boxinglawson91 says:

Did the research myself he is telling the truth , keep it up Yash

Rick W says:

Store and use colloidal silver

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