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Money Plz?


Soo Golden says:

remember beach bum update when it first came out

Gilbert Grape says:

The laugh at 1:52 fucking kills me XD

Goose says:

i have the original video, ill sell it to you for £130

Goustavo Gaming says:

I have to clear my history every time i watch your videos. Thanks faggot.

Reilly Utter says:

It's on pornhub under gay porn called spider sex. I went to look for this you better do a video or my life will forever have had no point.

Bauke van dijk says:

you seriously should stop saying cancer.

Dumbledoritos says:

What game is this? It looks popular, if so I guess I was too busy fapping to some Duck on horse action. Meh, it was worth it.

BobSaget BOBSaget says:

i watched it

Sentrox says:

haha. He just said "web" like Spider Web .. ok, now im killing myself.

Skyxz says:

where can i get this virus?

cookie koekje says:

You fucking derserve more subs than PewDiePie…. YOUR FUCKING FUNNY!!! I LOVE YOUR HUMOR!!! 😀 Keep up the great work!

Mythiccatz says:

Your voice is so hot.

Axel says:

Where's the next video ?

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