Formula 1 Race Car in the Snow for Fun

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In the build-up to the legendary Hahnenkamm ski races, Max Verstappen unleashed the power of a Red Bull Racing world-championship winning car. Supported by 3,500 spectators, the Dutch driver provided a spectacular foretaste – amid splendid winter weather – of the 2016 Formula 1 Großer Preis von Österreich at over 1,600 metres altitude.

The Red Bull Racing technicians had a real challenge in setting the racing car up for the special event. Some specially made snow chains played a big part in ensuring the first Formula 1 show run on an Alpine peak was possible. The sensational images from Kitzbühel, with a snowy mountain backdrop around the Hahnenkamm, are set to be seen around the world.

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AshiTube says:

Hey guys please check out my graduation project formula one on my channel, you won't be disappointed ;D

Glen Farrelly says:

This is completely bonkers but it's cool to watch.

Ivan Parikov says:

They've probably got an old engine left so why not?

scottie0112 says:

No real feel of what speed he is every actually achieving. In any of the higher angle shots where you have decent reference points, they keep doing slo-mo and cut shots so you can't tell anything. Who wants to see a 200 mph car doing 10mph?

onur dede says:

Not so exciting…

Jeremy Lim says:

rip renault engine 2k16, "it was a piece of shit anyways" – Christian Horner

Abhijit Anand says:

Can the world be any more crazier . From pursuit of happiness we are now pursuing the impossible / unthinkable. Thanks for the crazy stuff . Keep them coming.

TABRAO says:

Formula shite, thanks Bernie you rich old prick

Егор Метельков says:

Формула на цепях – круто! В буквальном смысле "круто". Шиповке здесь делать нечего! Но кстати, на 0:35 до поездки при выезде из бокса на передней оси стоят шипованные колеса.

gaff6120 says:

на любой раллийной машине было бы динамичнее и увлекательнее, а так гамно как и сама формула

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