Factual Evidence On Why Options vs Stocks?

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http://optionalpha.com – Most people blindly assume that options trading is more risky than stock trading. Yet the evidence shows that options trading can be both more profitable and less risky.


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– Kirk & The Option Alpha Team


Dmitry Gromakovskiy says:

Thanks for the great video! There is a question: where did 70/30 percentage relationship come from? Or is it just an example?

Nikhil Singh says:

So I understand your argument regarding applying a normal distribution to a stocks movement when looking at a single day, but how can you say that a stock is normally distributed over the long term when the indices like sandp and Dow have gone up over the long term. Do you then Chang the mean of the normal distribution to be positive overall in the long run for stocks. I love your videos but I'm not sure I agree with you when applying your statistical analysis to this particular video. Thank you 

theartperson88 says:

would good news coming out from a company or a great company change the 50/50 ratio of going up or down?

crayon851 says:

do you use technical analysis as well? i feel like i reached a block. i use iv rank or percentile and look for nearest otm support line. i leg into trades. do you have any suggestions for how to improve?

Option Alpha says:

I do on during the next videos in the series – just go to my website to sign up for the free course.

ramnneek singh says:

Can you go in-depth on what principles you use when entering a trade? Thanks very helpful channel.

Option Alpha says:

If I'm hearing your question right, yes you could always make another trade to offset the new market risk. The key is to make consistent, small trades so that overtime you get that normal distribution curve we went over in the video.

paladinhenk says:

Hy my question is could i offset the risk with a different option stategy if my first trade went against to my expetation but not yet expired ?

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