Dangers of Zika virus

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After a baby born in Hawaii became the first U.S. birth with Zika virus, the CDC issued a travel advisory for 14 countries. Elizabeth Cohen reports.


kim young says:


kim young says:


navtel says:

well if it caused a small brain, george bush, lindsay graham and john insane obviously would have been infected.

Michael Risulmi says:

ebola is old news

Jabba Jay says:

Zikes!!! – Is this like the Ebola fraud/hoax epidemic/pandemic? . . . shit, it's so hard to keep up with your bullshit CNN1 TTFD!

sydandtaytum says:

can we find a way to get rid of mosquitos already..i mean damn.

The Second Sun Of 2018 says:

A new Virus in every ten years. Africans are immune to this Virus.

Professor Logic says:

Vote for Bernie Sanders and let the immigrants in with Zika virus.

Okemicco says:

More third-world diseases that will be here thanks to republicans and democrats and their open borders religion.

Fabrizio Aldonne says:

Funny because in Portuguese, Zika is slang for bad luck.

Fabrizio Aldonne says:

This is truly a male privilege.

wake up idiots Jesus saves says:

the bullshit virus is far worse, it makes you believe every word CNN tells you, fake shootings fake terrorists, fake reporters, its spreading world wide , and only people who do a bit of research don't catch it.. watch out for anybody that believes the lies they spread the illness to the totally brain dead, zombie like people of the world…

Thefruitshowstheroot says:

sounds like they made that up…all EXTRA GENERAL. PRAY ABOUT EVERYTHING, WORRY ABOUT NOTHING. (not shouting, just like caps :)

RIXRADvidz says:

remember thalidomide in the 50's and 60's? now we have Zika in the 2016's….befalling the poorest and most reproductive parts of the world, according the to map presented.
conspirocists will be howling about a ''planted virus'' by the Evil World Government….

Rocky Alam says:

Does Zika virus affect new borns?

Travis Ruiz says:

well…if this move to southeastern united States … I will begin research in frostthrower or cryothrower….

Arjan Kasapi says:

Ok, now you really need that HUUUGE WALL Trump is talking about. (Put some mosquito nets around the US while you're at it)

DVSGOD 010 says:

its just like eboLIE all over again

Hecho En America says:

Need a travel ban. But most likely Obama (pbuh) will bring it here like he did with ebola virus jeprodizing the country.

iofwd says:

My god. The average IQ of Brazil is about to go from 87 to 50 – in one generation.

Pacifist Crusader says:

LOL, those are funny looking babies

Victor Ajayi says:

Human evolution upcoming

CheesyTacos 48 says:

if young girls get it and then they grow up to have kids many years later, will their children be affected by it?

Loominarty Loominarty says:

the new virus meme

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