5 Futiristic Robots Your Kid Must Have

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5 Futuristic Robots invention that will blow your mind…these Robot are smart and easy to program ,the best learning companion for your kids .
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lopoasdf lopopasdf says:

This girl is in the Jibo commericial 0.0

Женя Федоров says:

This all can be builded by 10 years old children with Lego BrainStorm

Lycan T says:

I think the first project is cruelty, after all you want another dog in the streets. It is this that the project will do


wtf was first one
we are changeing living animal with robots?!
no and no
i love me dog and that Chip can go fuck himself

willdevlaming says:

This channel should have more subs

The Drone Flyer says:

The chip robot isn't really the best thing it seems as it can't really show any real emotions its programmed to show those emotions with its actions with a real dog it can be loving relaxing and much more then a piece of plastic and circuits could ever be

homertalk says:

Does CHIP leave little batteries behind to pick up?

Tom R. says:

Honestly I wouldn't get Chip just because I think you can't the same kind of companionship with a robot

Kyle Desjardine says:

Great video!

Noah Hardy says:


MrGhost says:

Chip seems way too annoying Imo XD

MCPC-IL says:

how can i buy those stuff

jim cognition says:

wow isn't it great! now you can have interactions with non-humans and non-aminals. "feed him. show him you care" "chip is a dog". The only thing they didn't say was "you are a fucking idiot"

Sharktrap says:

1st !!!!!!!!!

Luis Escobar says:

Did they use the Darth Vader's theme with the Magneto helmet…? Wow, easy boy… easy…

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